Jul 032012

I was walking through Walmart this morning (if you have to go to Walmart, early morning is the best time because there are the fewest people… or late at night, but who am I kidding, I’m ready for bed before most people have eaten dinner)… anyway, I was walking through Walmart and spotted these cute little vases. They’d be perfect to make your own place cards, as shown here. At 97 cents a piece, they could even be used as wedding favors. I imagine having a table full of an assortment of small vases, filled with various blooms or grasses, tied with some twine, with white tags hanging from them. You could write guests’ names and table numbers on the tags, or you could simply write a small note of thanks and the wedding date. Or use them at your next dinner party and your guests can take them home. Or save them and use them again and again. Lots of possibilities.

In our Walmart, they are back behind the fabric section, with fake flowers and other glass vases. Of course, you can also scour thrift stores for vases, which would be my preference. Who doesn’t love a good thrift hunt? But adding some of these into a thrifted mix would work, too!

Speaking of thrifting, coming up I’ll be sharing some of my thrifting finds and tips!

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 July 3, 2012  Posted by at 14:27 diy, entertaining

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