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My husband’s building a very large climbing wall outside and he had a piece of OSB board left over. A very large piece of OSB (which is kind of like plywood)- 4 feet by 4 feet to be exact. I was thrilled and immediately requested it for a project. I knew I wanted it to go at the top of the stair landing, but I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it. My first thought was to paint it. I started doing a giant abstract painting but after several painting sessions, I got frustrated and made big black paint lines all over it and quit. Good attitude, I know. I’d seen people make woven burlap bulletin boards and I always thought it looked neat. (I just love burlap… it’s in every room in our house but the bathrooms). So I decided to make a giant woven burlap board. I have some mini clothes pins that I might use to hang pictures on the board. Right now, I just like the texture and warmth it adds to the top of the stairs, on what was a large blank wall. You see this wall as soon as you open the front door and look up the stairs, so I’m very happy to have something interesting hanging on it!

Want to make your own? Here’s what you need:

A giant piece of plywood or OSB or something like it. You could always just build a frame and it’d weigh much less.

A staple gun and lots of staples.

Pinking shears or scissors.

Burlap- enough to cover the board two times.

Here’s what you do:

1. Start by cutting strips of burlap. I decided to do 4 inch wide strips and made them 4 feet by 4 inches long. (My board was 4 feet wide, so that gave my 2 inches extra for stapling). You need enough strips to line two sides of your board. See the lovely illustration below.

2. Lean your board up to a wall, back side facing you. It doesn’t really matter what side is the back and what’s the front. Start stapling your strips to the back of the board, side by side. One staple in each strip will do for now. You can go back and secure them more when it’s done. See the lovely illustration to see what two sides you’ll want to staple the strips to.

3. Turn your board so the front is facing you. At this point, your strips should be stapled to the top and one side of your board. Let the strips on the top hang down over the front of your board. Let the strips on the side just hang freely. You’ll get to them in a minute.

4. Take the top strip that’s hanging on the side of the board and start weaving it over, under, over, under, etc, horizontally across the board, with the strips that are hanging down from the top. When you get to the other side, secure the strip to the back of the board with a staple. Do the same thing with all the strips hanging from the side of the board. Make sure you alternate. You’re making a checker board kind of pattern. So if you started going ‘under, over…’ on the top strip, you’ll start the second strip going ‘over, under…’.

5. Once you have all the horizontal strips woven, turn your board so what was the bottom is now on a side so you can secure the loose ends with a staple to the back.

6. You can wiggle around the strips to make them lay flat or go straight. And if some are lose, just pull it tight and add an extra staple in the back.

6. Get a strong man to hang it on the wall. You will most DEFINITELY need to screw this into studs in several places. A 4×4 OSB is a heavy! When we screwed it into the wall, we pulled the burlap to the side slightly where we would screw so when it was finished the burlap would hide the screw head.

7. Admire your woven burlap board!

*You could really make this any size you want and you could use any fabric you want, too!*

Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day and be inspired!

(I should have added, I ran out of burlap so I added some wide burlap ribbon type stuff that I had laying around. That’s what you see with the red stripes going through it. If one piece is too short, it’s OK. Just make sure it ends on an ‘under’ and you’ll never see it. You can start a new piece and nobody will know!)

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  1. So I think I am going to do this on a smaller version over an old bulletin board I have and use it in our home office area. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Now if Claire will only sleep….

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