Aug 292012
weddings on the brain!

No, not my own wedding. My dear husband and I celebrated our fourth anniversary in June. I love being married to him! The wedding that’s on my brain is that of one of my dearest, closest, bestest (is that a word) friends, Erin. She is, literally, the only person I keep in touch with from [continue…]

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Aug 282012
diy: color blocking in white

Spray painting is one of those quick, easy ways to update or give something new life. I love spray painting! Yesterday I got the spray painting urge and it turned into a little diy project. Here’s what I made. You can do it, too! The key to spray painting is to do several thin coats, [continue…]

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Aug 232012
madebyRICE.. the oversized wreath

Just a quick post this morning to share something I’ve been working on… Meet the oversized book wreath! (And please excuse the phone picture that was snapped in a hurry!) It’s made from dictionary pages (a dictionary that was falling apart and in a pile at a thrift store). This particular wreath was an experiment [continue…]

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Aug 202012
get the look: dresser redo

I saw a dresser I loved on one of Design Sponge’s Sneak Peak house tours. I saved the image and had been planning to refinish one of our dresser in a similar way. A couple week ago, I did! Here’s the inspiration dresser: source I really liked the whole sneak peak. But this dresser stood [continue…]

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Aug 202012
diy: banish bifold doors

I’ve never been a fan of bifold doors. Not only for aesthetic reasons, they’re also major finger pinchers. Not such a good match with kiddos in the house. Luckily, they’re easy to take down! Our bedroom has two closets (which is awesome) but they were both adorned with bifold doors. The way our bed’s positioned, [continue…]

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Aug 202012
diy: pegboards in the kitchen

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. To kick off the week, I wanted to share a project I did in our kitchen a couple weeks ago. The pegboard pot rack is definitely is not an original idea. I’ve been holding onto a piece of pegboard for quite some time, just waiting [continue…]

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Aug 172012
diy: card art

Here’s another quick, easy and cheap DIY project. Turn a beautiful card into framed art. This would be a perfect way to preserve and display a beautiful wedding, birthday or baby card. Or, just a beautiful card you found at the store. This could also make a gift (which is what this actually is). Give [continue…]

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Aug 152012
diy: (under 5 min, under $5) calendar makeover

Have you gotten your free birthday calendar? The giveaway ends tonight at midnight. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, learn how fix that HERE! You know that DIY project I talked about yesterday? Well, it hasn’t gone as planned and isn’t coming out as I envisioned. So it’s not ready to be published… yet. In [continue…]

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Aug 142012
unexpected thrifting

Here’s a quick post to hold you over until today’s official DIY post is ready… I love magazines. I particularly love Real Simple. And Martha Stewart Living. And Better Home and Gardens. I love trying new recipes that I find in magazines (sometimes they’re good… sometimes, like the goat cheese pasta I made us a [continue…]

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