Aug 142012

Here’s a quick post to hold you over until today’s official DIY post is ready…

I love magazines. I particularly love Real Simple. And Martha Stewart Living. And Better Home and Gardens. I love trying new recipes that I find in magazines (sometimes they’re good… sometimes, like the goat cheese pasta I made us a little while ago, they’re not so good). You can find recipes all over the internet, but I just love flipping through magazines. Sitting on our front porch swing, with a cold drink (iced coffee today) and a magazine is just fun and relaxing. And inspiring! (I’m not talking deep inspiration… I’m talking, “Oh, I like that wall color!” or “Oh, that’s a nice table setting!” or “Hey, I bet I could make that!”)

As much as I’d love to subscribe to all my favorites, it’s just not in the current budget. But I’ve found a way to indulge my magazine cravings for pocket change. Literally. I enlist Gabe’s help (which he’s eager to give) to round up lose change and we head to my very favorite thrift store. This particular thrift store is so organized and clean. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for without spending a ton of time digging through piles. (Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hunt, too!) In the back corner, behind the books, there are shelves with magazines. Organized by title. Real Simple. Martha Stewart Living. Better Homes and Gardens… and much more. I quickly shift through the each neat pile and pick a couple that catch my eye. And the best part, they’re 15 to 30 cents a piece (depending on the year)! Can’t beat that. I currently have 4 new (to me) magazines to peruse through. You don’t know how much they’re calling my name right now. But instead, I’ll take the rest of my iced coffee and go finish that DIY project so I can share it with you later today. You’re welcome :)

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