Aug 172012

Cousin Gracie’s birthday was yesterday. How these past 4 years have gone so quickly, I do not know! My sister-in-law and I made plans to head to the fair with the kiddos for the afternoon and come back to our house for dinner. I decided to whip up some quick decorations for Grace’s birthday and thought I’d share with you! I don’t get to decorate with pink very often (I’m not a very ‘pink’ kinda girl… and I only have a son!)… so this was a fun excuse to pull out some pink streamers and balloons and sparkly things. We love you, Gracie Girl!

I made a birthday sign for her to see when they pulled up to our house. Very simple and quick. Brown paper (who’s surprised I used brown paper?!), a white paint pen, a pink sharpie, some glue and some sparkly gems. And pink streamers (taped to the back of the brown paper). I was able to tie it up using the porch posts and twine. I waited to attach the streamers until after the mailman came. I thought the kids would like walking through the streamers, but the mailman might not!

And then for the dining room… I stood on the table and taped streamers to the ceiling in a line, to make a sort of streamer chandelier. Then I covered the table in brown paper, found at the dollar store. I taped the paper under the table to hold it in place and I painted dots down the center of the table. It took 20 minutes total.

And there you have it… quick birthday (or any party) decorations!

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