Aug 202012

I saw a dresser I loved on one of Design Sponge’s Sneak Peak house tours. I saved the image and had been planning to refinish one of our dresser in a similar way. A couple week ago, I did!

Here’s the inspiration dresser:


I really liked the whole sneak peak. But this dresser stood out to me. I love the soft, worn black and the brass handles. I had a dresser in mind that would be perfect for the redo. It has a similar shape and simple lines.

And here’s my dresser (after the redo):

I used flat black paint. When I paint furniture black, I prefer a flat finish. It looks older and softer and less harsh and modern, as opposed to black paint with a sheen. Just a personal preference. Then I took the wooden knobs and spray painted them a gold/brass color. It was a simple and relatively quick redo! I wish I had a before picture, but I forgot to take one. It used to be white. And before that (when it lived in my room in high school) it was black (but not flat)… and before that, when it was in my room as a child, it was natural wood with light blue drawer fronts… and before that, as a very young child, it was just plain wood. I think my Mom got it at an unfinished furniture store when I was very young.

It has great big, deep drawers and lives in a perfect spot in our bedroom. It’s almost like it was built for the space. And I absolutely love the new look it has!

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  1. Hi there

    Just wondering if you can tell me how to protect the matte/flat finish on furniture? I’ve painted some chairs with Annie Sloan chalk paint. They’re a wonderful burgandy red. But if I apply wax to them it changes the colour and doesn’t leave it looking flat.

    Any tips?

    Many thanks


    • Hey Matthew,

      So sorry for not responding until now! Somehow I never saw your comment… the blog has been severely neglected, as of lately. My apologies!

      I actually just used Annie Sloan chalk paint for the first time. I did apply wax, though. Did you use clear wax or the dark wax? The dark wax would definitely change the color. I used clear wax and didn’t notice a big color change once it dried. (The paint color I used was French Linen, so not as fun and bold as red). The wax does give it a very slight sheen, though. It doesn’t look as flat as it did without wax, but I’m quite fond of it. I actually went back and applied the clear wax to the black dresser that I painted in this post. I used regular flat latex paint on the dresser and it kept getting scuffed and looked dirty all the time. So I tried adding the wax. It looks slightly more polished/finished, while still having an older look, and has kept it from getting scratched/scuffed and dinged up as much. I’m pretty happy with it. I didn’t notice a color change, but it was over black paint.

      All I can think of is making sure you use the clear wax, and try it on a small spot to see if, once it dries, it looks darker. From what I understand, the wax is designed to fuse with the paint and make it quite durable. The only other option would be to use a water based poly in a satin finish, but that might kind of defeat the purpose of using Annie Sloan paint in the first place! Hmm…

      Sorry I can’t be more help. And by now, you’ve probably already solved your dilemma. I’d love to know what you did! Or even share a picture… red chairs sound like fun!!


  2. This is brilliant. And the idea of painting knobs gold is beyond words brilliant! :) You can see tons of redos these days, but hardly ever they are that good. Glad to find you blog :)

  3. Hi Katy!

    This dresser is beautiful. Do you remember the brand and exact color of paint you used? I’m looking to redo a night stand of mine, but I’m not sure which flat/matte black paint to purchase. Thank you in advance.

    Warmest regards,


  4. Do you remember the exact spray paint and color it was called? Where you bought it? Thanks

  5. I used chalk paint from Michael’s let it dry for days put Annie’s clear was on the black and it had a white lint look. I tried three different kinds of rags and the same thing. Could it be the paint or am I doing something wrong. It happens on all. Please help

  6. What color and brand of black paint?

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