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Spray painting is one of those quick, easy ways to update or give something new life. I love spray painting! Yesterday I got the spray painting urge and it turned into a little diy project. Here’s what I made. You can do it, too!

The key to spray painting is to do several thin coats, as opposed to fewer thick coats. Spray painting can give a very smooth finish, if you do it right. If you glob the paint on, it’s likely to get all runny and globby. It’s especially important to do multiple thin coats on surfaces like glass. Luckily spray paint dries quickly, so you can do multiple coats in not much time. Read your spray paint can for more instructions

For this project, I used spray paint and primer in one. If the object you’re painting has any grease or oil on it, the paint probably won’t stick. Sometimes when I think I’ve sanded and cleaned something well, the paint still doesn’t stick or cover well. Spray primer solves this problem and really helps give a good cover.

Spray paint can be messy. Be aware of wind and overspray. It can get everywhere. Definitely do it outside, away from anything you don’t want to get dusted with paint. I wouldn’t recommend spraying on a deck or porch, unless you cover a large area. I speak from experience!

Update a Wicker Basket

My first project was to update this wicker basket. I found it at a thrift shop a while ago for 25 cents. There was nothing wrong with the way it was. I didn’t plan on doing anything to it when I got it. I usually like to keep things looking older. But yesterday, when I saw it, a lightbulb went off and I had an idea. I thought some white paint could make it look fresh.

I decided to paint a white stripe on the bottom. So I got out my blue painters tape and taped it off. Then I took paper and covered the top portion and taped the paper down. I also put some paper on the inside so the spray paint wouldn’t go everywhere.

I took it outside, gave it 4 light coats of spray paint. When it was dry, I brought it inside. I wasn’t sure if I’d get a straight line on wicker. I was pleasantly surprised when I peeled the tape and paper off. 

Not too bad! The key is to make sure you press the tape down, so it makes a decent seal on the basket. That’ll give you the best line. Keep your eyes open at thrift stores for baskets. Varying stripes could turn random baskets into a neat little set for organizing toys, kids rooms, closets… lots of possibilities. You could also use baskets like this at a wedding or party to hold favors, programs, silverware, napkins… be creative!

Spruce Up a Glass Bottle

I usually hold onto glass bottles from drinks and things. It’s pretty easy to take the labels off wine or beer bottles and they can be used for vases or decorations. I don’t remember what this bottle once held, but I have several that I’ve been carrying around with me. I did pretty much the same thing with the bottle as with the wicker basket.

I taped off the bottle so I could paint a white stripe around the center. Then I took it outside to my spray painting station and did 5 or 6 thin, even coats of spray paint. Remember, paint on glass will run if it’s applied too heavily. I’ve ruined a couple things because of impatience. Oops!

Once it dried, I brought it inside and peeled the tape off. I decided to wrap some twine around the white stripe, just for fun.

And just like the wicker basket, there are lots of possibilities for bottles. Use a bunch as a centerpiece. Add a little tag and use them as a place setting. Go crazy.

Fridge Magnets

I was on a roll with putting white stripes on things. I’m all for quick, instant gratification projects! While rummaging around to find something else to update, I came across these wooden circles I’ve been carrying around. It wasn’t until after they were painted that I decided to stick a magnet on the back. I always have something to stick up on the fridge and it’s fun when the magnets are kind of cute. You can turn lots of things into magnets. All you need is the magnet, which you can buy at Walmart. For these, I used a magnet roll that was sticky on one side.

And just like the last two things, I used my blue painters tape to make a line. Instead of spray paint for these, I used a brush and craft paint. Make sure you pull AWAY from the tape when you paint. You don’t want to push the paint under the tape.

When it was dry, I peeled the tape off. I thought, “Well these are kind of fun. What am I going to do with them?” I thought of somehow turning them into necklaces, but I don’t really wear necklaces too much. I thought of making them into wall art, which wasn’t a bad idea either. But I decided they would look best up on the fridge. I cut pieces from the roll of magnets to fit on the back. And just like that… new magnets for my fridge!

Right now they’re holding up some recipes I want to try and one of my favorite pictures of my Dad, Tristan and Gabe from a couple years ago.

You can put white (or any color) stripes on just about anything. Have fun!

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  1. Isn’t spray paint just the best!! It’s amazing what a can can do:) love the bottles!

  2. I love this!! What a simple touch to dress things up! I am pinning for later use! Thank you!

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