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No, not my own wedding. My dear husband and I celebrated our fourth anniversary in June. I love being married to him! The wedding that’s on my brain is that of one of my dearest, closest, bestest (is that a word) friends, Erin. She is, literally, the only person I keep in touch with from high school. That sounds sad. It’s not. She’s such a sweet friend to me and has been so encouraging and supportive and generous to me through our years of friendship. And THIS weekend is her WEDDING! I am beyond thrilled for her (and Josh, too)! And so very honored to be part of the day (and pretty excited about the gorgeous dress I get to wear, thank you very much)! I’ve been crafting and creating some fun things for her day. I don’t want to share them until after the wedding, but I thought I’d share some inspiration I’ve been looking at. I really did love planning my own wedding (the flowers were only slightly stressful, right Meg?!) I love weddings in general. So here are some inspirational wedding pictures. Perhaps you’re not planning a wedding right now and think these pictures might be irrelevant to you. I don’t think so! There are so many fun ideas you can take from these pictures for your own home or to give as a gift! Perhaps you are planning a wedding, and maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed (I understand and blame Pinterest)… I would love to help you. I’ll be posting pictures of my creations for Erin’s wedding next week. And maybe I’ll share some pictures from my own wedding, too. After all, planning my wedding was really when my love of all things handmade blossomed. I would love to help you plan and bring some handmade love into your wedding day. Don’t be shy and send me an email if you’d like to chat about things! {ricedesignblog at gmail dot com).


I love these rustic Mr. and Mrs. signs. I love old, reclaimed wood like that.

At Home: Make a welcome sign to hang on your front door. Put a child’s name on it in a nursery. Get a long piece of wood and paint the alphabet to hang on the nursery wall. Planning a party? Paint the menu on a board. Want to make it reusable? Make part of the board into a chalkboard!

Here’s a picture of Gabe’s room after a little makeover a couple months ago. See the alphabet on the wall? Just an old board and some white paint! Gabe loves his letters. There are lots of possibilities with cool old pieces of wood!


Can you tell I’m into chair decor? I love that wreath (in the shape of a letter, how fun!) and the fabric tied around the chair. Even the embroidered saying is kinda cute.

At Home: A wreath is always something you can use at home or give as a gift. You could get fake greens from the craft store and make similar wreath quite easily, I think. Maybe you’re hosting a birthday dinner. Dress up the birthday girl/boy’s chair with a fabric sash!


Love the moss around the chalkboard!

At Home: A moss chalkboard would be cute anywhere!


A unique alternative to the traditional cake topper. It could also go on top of a cupcake tower. I may be partial to cupcake towers. It’s what we had at our wedding. Cupcakes and cheesecake. Yum!

At Home: You can write anything in wire!

These are baby gifts I made a dear friend and my sweet cousin. Twine and yarn wrapped wire.


I REALLY love this. Little burlap envelopes to hold silverware (or plasticware). So charming. Put them together in a couple baskets by the food. What a charming display that would be.

At Home: I know what I’m doing the next time we have friends over for dinner!

Source Uknown

I just LOVE this. You might overlook baby’s breath, but I think it’s simply beautiful. Yes, it can be done very wrong. But this is a great example of it done very right. And as a plus, it’s inexpensive! You could save money and be able to make a big statement using baby’s breath like this. You could make bouquets of baby’s breath for the bridesmaids/flower girl, too. A large bouquet of baby’s breath for the bride would even be beautiful, I think. Baby’s breath everywhere at the wedding!

At Home: Do the same thing! Put a large vase of baby’s breath, well, anywhere. It’s just lovely. You can buy it at the grocery store, too. Don’t see it out? Ask. Lots of times they have bouquets of baby’s breath in the back.

I hope you’re feeling inspired! If you’re planning your wedding, please remember I’d love to chat with you!

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  1. YES, the flowers were a little bit of a nightmare. BUT they turned out beautifully. That was when we really bonded, huh? I love the memories of that weekend. God knew we needed to become extra close. Your wedding was incredibly beautiful and your ceremony is by far my favorite I’ve been to. You had all the beautiful touches before they were cool and (dare I say it…?!) overdone. Your dance party under the sparkling lights was my favorite touch, I think. That and the burlap runner with the shepherds hooks and mason jars. And the bench. And the peacock feathers. And the location in general. And the flowers. Oh, I’m back to the flowers. They were quite beautiful by the end of all the mess… :)

    • You are so dear to me! Yes, I think those flowers are when we really bonded… the whole weekend actually. You are so sweet and I love you!

  2. I liked this post so much had I had revisit it today! I can’t wait to see the beautiful creations you make for your friends wedding! Have so much fun! :)

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