Aug 142012

You probably notice things look a bit different on the blog this morning! Please bear with me as I learn the ropes of this whole designing-a-blog thing. I might be crafty with paper and ¬†fabric and paint… but the internet-designing-thing (that’s the technical term) is a whole new (very unfamiliar) monster. It’ll probably be changing [continue…]

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Aug 132012
diy: birthday calendar *free download*

To start the week (a week that will consist of more regular posts, fingers crossed) I want to give each of you a gift! Do you have trouble remembering birthdays and anniversaries? I do! To help me remember, I made a perpetual birthday calendar. It’s good year after year, hangs by my washing machine, and [continue…]

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Aug 062012
madebyRICE just for YOU!

If you’re not local and are just dying to get your hands on some handmade RICE goodies, check out the new Etsy shop, madebyRICE! I’m still working out some details for shipping the book page wreath, but in the meantime there will be some other fun little items for you to snatch. Check back frequently [continue…]

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