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Whenever I read a blog, I kinda like knowing a little bit about the person behind the screen. I realize I’ve been wonderfully vague here, even on my ‘about’ page. There are two reasons for that… 1) I feel weird writing about myself! 2) It’s the internet. But I’ve finally decided to officially introduce myself. You’d make my day by introducing yourself, too! Go ahead.. leave a comment and say ‘hi’! You can even sign up to follow my blog. (It’s right over there on the right side of the page.)

I’m Katy. You’ve probably already gathered that I love a good project. I suppose you could say that being creative is my hobby. My husband loves climbing (rocks, mountains.. that kind of thing). I love being crafty. But there are other things I love, too. Like my husband, Tristan. (Just for the record, he beats the crafty stuff.) We met in 2007. We got married in 2008. In 2009 we learned that we’d be a family of three by 2010. Did you follow that? It was an eventful several years! We just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. He’s great. And very tolerant of my craftiness that usually results in big messes and frequent rearranging. But in all seriousness, being married to him is a true gift- one I am very grateful for.

The most recent shot of us at a dear friend’s wedding reception. Forgive the poor quality… cell phone picture in a dimly lit room.

From a couple years ago, but one of my favorites.

From our 4th anniversary camping trip.

And then there’s Gabe. He’ll be 3 in December. We enjoy him quite a bit. He makes us laugh. Like the time I asked him what he was drinking and he replied, “Oh, it’s OK Mommy. It’s not beer!” Oh good… I was worried you cracked open a cold one when I wasn’t looking. (For the record, I’m not sure where his fascination with beer came from. Neither of us are beer drinkers!)

And then there was the morning we were all sitting around the table, sharing waffles, when Gabe shook he clear water bottle and exclaimed, “Oh wook (look)! Wook at all dos (those) wittle (little) fishes!” Then after taking a big swig, he exclaimed again, “So many wittle fishies in there!” Little fishies. Aka backwash swirling around in his water. Yum!

There’s no other title I’d rather have than momma. Being a stay at home mom is another gift I’m very grateful for.

Gabe was probably 1.5 in this picture. It’s one of my favorites.

More recent (several months ago). Another favorite. Snuggling on the sofa watching Beauty and the Beast.

From our beach trip last September. Remember the hammock I mentioned in my last post? That’s it!

A couple weeks ago. Two things I love- coffee and snuggles with my boy.

Three things I love- that man, that little boy and the ocean. (From our trip last September)

Our Christmas Card picture from last year (that never got sent out. Oops!)

And the one person who tops those two guys up there (and everything else for that matter) is Jesus Christ. Talk about an amazing artist and Creator. Take a look at the next sunset. Or hike to the top of a mountain and check out the view. Or stare out into the vastness of the ocean. There is no beauty or love that compares to that of Jesus Christ!

And there you have it- an official introduction. Thanks for reading, friends! You can always leave me a comment to say hi. I’d love that! If you have any questions, you can leave them here or email me at {ricedesignblog (at) gmail (dot) com}. And if there are any specific things you’d like to see here, please let me know!

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