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The weekend would be the perfect time to try your hand at a DIY project. I’ve shared some here that I’ve done, but I also want to share some that I’d like to do!

DIY Rope Hanging Mirror

I love mirrors and I love rope. So of course I love this project. And those walls remind me of Gabe’s room!


I also have a thing for maps. And chalkboards. This particular chalkboard map is $168. But I bet you could make your own!

DIY Citronella Candles

This is something I really want to do- make my own citronella candles. Does anyone else get eaten alive outside? We do. These would be pretty and useful!


I’ve been wanting to go to Home Depot/Lowes and and ask if they have any empty spools I could have. What a neat side table it would make! You could even put it outside. Find a huge spool to use as a table. Put two beside each other and you have a coffee table with no sharp corners to bonk little heads. They’d also look charming with a little assortment of potted plants sitting on top.

DIY Hammock

I love hammocks. We go to the beach at the end of September and I really hope the house has the same hammock it had last year. I loved sitting out there, looking and listening to the ocean, sipping my coffee and reading a book. Hammocks are great anywhere. I’d love to put one in our back yard. They can be expensive, though. I never considered making my own, because it seemed like a big project. But this doesn’t look too hard!

DIY Grown Up Coupon Book (aka Love Vouchers)

Did anyone else make coupon books as gifts when they were kids? I was the coupon book queen. If my parents ever cashed in their coupons, I’d still be rubbing their backs. This is a fun little twist on that. He calls them love vouchers, and the ones he made are really to be given women (unless your man would like a facial and back massage). So you can do one of two things with this… 1) leave the page open on your computer in hopes that your man will see the page and get the hint… Or 2) make your own coupons that your man would like. I guess there are 3 options. You could always give this to your mom, sister, best friend as a gift. I don’t know many ladies that would turn down massages and facials. I surely wouldn’t.

DIY Postcard Birthday Poster

I think this is such a sweet idea. It would take some planning and preparation, but it would be such a sweet gift to be given. The poster is made of 25 postcards. There is a PDF file that you download with 25 different pages. You email each page to a different person, who prints it out, write a little message to the birthday boy/girl and mails it to them. The birthday person gets 25 postcards that she puts together to make this sweet sign. What a thoughtful gift! You could always print out each postcard and mail it to each person, pre-stamped, with an explanation of what to do. I think this is such a thoughtful idea and would mean a lot to the person receiving all those special birthday notes!

DIY Fake a Monet

This is a great tutorial for pretending to be an artist. I might have a couple crafty bones in my body… but not when it comes to painting or drawing. My husband, on the other hand, can draw anything by request. My brain just doesn’t work that way. This tutorial is great for those like me. I haven’t done this, but I would love to try it.

I think that about wraps it up for today. Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

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  1. It’s funny I had come across an old spool at a thrift store once and by the time I had circled the section debating on whether or not to take it home it was gone. I have a pic of it somewhere in my blog too. Oh well! Love the round mirror!

    • I hate when that happens! I’ll admit.. I’ve watched someone from a distance waiting to see if they were going to pass on the bar stool they were inspecting. It was one of those vintage, slatted wood and metal, swivel stools. When the lady walked away I snatched it up as fast as I could! I hope she didn’t come back looking for it! Thrifting… such an adrenaline rush haha. I checked out your blog (love it!) and see we share a love of Ikea :) The round mirror is from Ikea!


  2. Just thought I would let you know that I saw some DIY blackboard paint over on pinterest!! You could make up your own blackboard paint and go to town on your very own blackboard map :)

    • Thanks Jess! I’ve been wondering how DIY blackboard paint works. I cheated and have the store bought kind. I’ll have to enlist my hubby to help with the map. I just wish i had an overhead projector to make drawing the map easier!

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