Sep 102012

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today I’m starting a new series of posts, completely unrelated to normal RICE things. They’ll happen weekly(ish) and will be called, ‘From the Mouth of Gabe…’. Gabe (who’s few months shy of three) keeps us laughing with the things he says and the conversations we have together. This will be a way for me to document and hopefully bring a smile to your face, too.

To kick off the series, I’ll share a couple recent conversations…

(Sept. 9 2012) Tristan was showing Gabe his climbing gear. Gabe was captivated by all of it. Tristan says, “When you’re older, we’ll use these things to climb together!

Gabe, “Oh yeah! When I old and ceepy! We kime togeger!”

Tristan, “Old and creepy? Are you gonna be a creepy old man?”

Gabe (sighs), “Hm. Yeah… Maybe.”

(Sept. 10 2012) Gabe’s beloved Teddy Bear was involved in a, uh, situation yesterday. Up to this point, we’ve been spared the right of passage of parenthood known as cleaning up puke. And then yesterday, while Gabe was supposed to be napping, I hear him yelling, “Wook Mommy! Wook Mommy!” I went up to find him and everything in his bed covered. In vomit. Not sure what exactly happened. All he told me was that he burped. It was an isolated incident and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t related to sickness, thankfully. Anyway, all his sleeping things have gone through the wash, but I thought Teddy Bear could benefit from one more washing. A few minutes after I walked away from washer (that was holding bear), I hear Gabe squealing in a high pitched voice, “Help me! Help me! I’m in here! Help! Save me!” I run to find him standing by the washing machine. When I ask what’s wrong he replies, “Oh I ok! That was from Tebby Bear’s mouf!”

And that concludes the first post in the new series called, ‘From the Mouth of Gabe!’ Hope it brought a smile to your face! Do you have any kids that humor you with the things they say? I’d love to hear them! Check back again soon for a quick and easy DIY project and another post for inspiration!

 September 10, 2012  Posted by at 10:54 from the mouth of gabe

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