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Last year, when autumn, Thanksgiving and Christmas snuck up on me, I wished I had spent a little time thinking about how I wanted to decorate and things I wanted to do and make. By the time I thought about an advent calendar, it was already a good week into December! It was then that I decided to start early in 2012- so I could enjoy the seasons, holidays and whatever it was I wanted to make and do. The first day of fall is just a couple weeks away. Hard to believe! I thought I’d get a jump on things and work on my list (in no particular order)…

I’d love to have a family date night in the cool, fall air at the drive in theater. There’s one not far from us. We’ll have to keep our eyes open for a family friendly movie. Back in June, Tristan and I took a camping trip for our anniversary. It was fun, and would have been even more fun if we remembered sleeping bags and more blankets. We both think it’d be an adventure to take a family camping trip- all 3 of us. Maybe we’ll do a test run in the back yard and see how it goes! Anyone have an yummy gluten free pie recipes they’d like to share? Perhaps I’ll try one out at a fall dinner potluck. Dinner parties are always fun excuses to decorate. Stone Mountain, a 600 ft granite rock face, in NC a do-able day trip for us. It’s one of Tristan’s favorite places to climb. The ladies/children hike up the back and meet the men at the top to take in a most spectacular view. On Gabe’s first Halloween he was Thing 2 (complete with a blue wig). His cousin, who’s just a couple months older than him, was Thing 1 (also complete with a blue wig). Last year, Gabe went as Nacho Libre. I’m thoroughly enjoying the years of him not caring what I dress him as. I know it won’t last long! I haven’t yet decided what he’ll be this year, but I have ideas!

And all those things lead me to the decorating with sticks, pinecones, acorns and candles. Last year my fall decorating began at the pumpkin patch and ended by unloading the pumpkins and gords from the car. I really want to do a little more this year- have fun with it. So, without further ado, here is some inspiration…

(source unknown)

Mason jars, candles and acorns. Looks like those jars are even hanging, though this would make a lovely centerpiece or decoration sitting anywhere. Even at a fall wedding, hanging on some shephard hooks or on tables.


Pumpkins are a nice fall decorations no matter what. Miniature white pumpkins? Even better! Add twine to the stem? Perfect! Use them as place holders at a dinner party. Or on a plate/bowl as a centerpiece. Fall wedding? Why not make them part of a favor, perhaps with a cute little note. They’d do double duty as decorations, too.


Those vases are beautiful. You could get a similar look by spray painting vases ivory (not bright white). I think I’d use a satin finish. (Keep your eyes open at thrift stores for vases that would work.) To get the natural looking line, considering dipping the bottom of the vase in paint and letting it drip dry (over a protected surface, of course). At Home Depot and Lowes you can get sample sizes of paint for a few dollars. I think that would work nicely! (And it comes in a flat finish, too!)


Head over to Martha Stewart the tutorial to make this wreath. It would look nice on a door or hanging inside on the wall!

I’ll be sharing more inspiration photos and also the things I make for our home this fall. Are there any projects you want to do for the season? Do you have a Fall Bucket List?

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