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I’ve painted (and repainted) my fair share of rooms. Picking a color is hard. They look different in different lights. Preferences and styles change. And while repainting a room is a relatively easy and quick way to change things up, it’s something that most of us don’t want to do frequently. A gallon of paint isn’t wildly expensive, but it still costs money! (Also, did you know, flat paint is the only finish that allows seamless touch ups? The ‘sheen’ of other finishes (satin, semi-gloss etc.) wears over time, so your touch up will be shinier than the rest of the wall. Not a huge deal, unless you’re a perpetual re-arranger, like myself, who frequently changes the art grouping on a wall, and whose slight OCD tendencies would be driven nuts by the shiny-ness difference. Which is why, when given the choice, I choose flat paint).

For many reasons, I’ve grown to love white walls. Choosing a white can be just as difficult as picking another color. Just go to the paint store, choose a handful of white chips and hold them together. Some will read pink, yellow, blue or green. You have to take this into account when you pick a white. I’m FAR from a paint/decorator expert, but this is what I’ve learned from much (MUCH!) trial and error.

But back to my love of white walls. I love the crisp-ness of a good, white room. I like the blank canvas they provide. (Don’t get me wrong though, sometimes dark, moody room, or rooms in a punch of color, are great, too). My love of white walls has really grown.

So, all you renters that are living in white walls, wishing you could paint them, don’t fret! There’s a lot you can do. You might even find you grow to appreciate, maybe even prefer, white walls! And for those of you unsure about what color to paint, maybe you’ll consider white. It’s not as boring or sterile as some might think!

Here are some of my favorite white rooms…

(I try my best to give credit where credit is due. I always try to link back to the source when I share an image or idea. If I’ve shared your image and credited you incorrectly, please let me know. If I’ve shared your image and you would rather I not, please let me know. I don’t want to step on any toes. I just want to share some inspiration, and do so properly!) 

homelife_Sydney apartment renovation (sam mcadam)

Sam McAdam

What a great rug. Great painting. Love the dark trim back there. Not sterile.  Not boring. Warm and cozy. Eclectic!

Pierre-Jean Verger 10


That’s a great, graphic rug. Ikea sells a similar one (or at least used to). I love the white/brown/black color combo. That’s a great door, too. And the curtain in front of the door would provide privacy and protection from cold drafts in the winter, while also adding some softness to the room!



The image above was used as an inspiration when I was putting our living room together. I’m very fond of gallery walls like that. White wall=blank canvas=great for gallery walls. I love those floors. Wood is a great way to add warmth to a room. So, even if you don’t have wood floors, consider wooden frames or wooden accessories (or furniture). The sofa, even just that end of it, looks welcoming. And check out that cool ceiling!

mark bolton10


Maybe you like lots of color in your life and think white walls aren’t for you. Well check out that fun green dresser. And the blue door. And the curtain and rug. And the baskets up above. Lots of color in that white room. Fun!



White walls act as a great blank canvas for displaying the works of art made by little hands. I think you can find that wire system (or one similar) at Ikea.

While you might not have any other option but to embrace your white walls (if you’re a renter), there a lot you can do to keep them from being blah, boring or sterile. Consider a collection of frames and art, rugs and textiles, wood for warmth and splashes of color in your decor and accessories! Have fun with your white walls. There’s a lot you can do with them!

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