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I think painted stairs are so fun. Here’s a quick roundup to give you some inspiration. The possibilities are endless.



Ombre stairs could be done in any color.



I’m quite fond of these stairs. Simple. Keep a ‘runner’ going up the stairs in the raw/plain wood, and paint the edges white. I like white stairs, but scuff marks are impossible to avoid. This would be great!


source unknown

A different take on the same idea. I’m loving this.



While the white would show scuff marks, I love the painted runner and the mustardy yellow edges. And since we’re doing a lot of counting in our home right now (along with the ABCs, shapes and colors), I’m quite fond of the numbers.



When I was deciding whether or not to paint our stairs, this was the image that made me go for it. And like this image, I painted the stairs risers black. Hides scuff marks. Looks good with the wooden treads, and black/white/wood is one of my favorite combos.


source unknown

I also like these dark blue stair risers. Adds a little color, but would still hide scuff marks.



What fun stairs in a beach cottage. The stairs are painted white, and a runner is stapled up the center.


source unknown

Combine numbers and a bare wood runner. I’m in love.

Would you paint your stairs? Have you painted your stairs? There are so many possibilities!

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