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TGIF anyone?! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Tonight, this lucky wife gets to go on a date with her husband. (Many thanks to the in laws for a generous gift card to the best restaurant in town. I plan to get all dolled up and eat a great big delicious filet followed by creme brulee. Pure luxury. Yum. Also, thanks to a brother in law who’s coming to babysit! Hooray for date night). And tomorrow night, some new friends are coming over for dinner. Date nights and new friends. Sounds like a fun weekend to me.

I usually write about crafts and home things, but today I’m going to write about… hair. For many months, I’d been dreaming of taking the plunge and getting a pixie cut. I pinned hair pictures. (Do you have pinterest? You can find me here)! I saved them on my desktop. I had them on my phone. I even asked a woman, who was in front of me in the checkout line at the store, where she got her hair cut (she had a really cute short cut). But I never did it. Well, until this past September while we were at the beach. Something about the saltwater and sand that gives me courage!

The week at the beach (back in Sept.) was the week of the haircut. I got three different cuts by two different ladies. When we left for vacation, my hair was about shoulder length, maybe a bit longer. I can’t really remember.


This was the picture I brought to the first girl who cut my hair. She talked me out of it, saying my hair was too thick, too wavy, it’d be too much work. Halle Berry has to have her hair cut every 8 days to keep up with it. Blah blah blah. I left with a bob. Nothing wrong with a bob. But it’s a long way from a pixie. And at this point, I’d made up my mind that I wanted a pixie. Without going into the whole long story, the first haircut was free, so I didn’t feel right going back and complaining. Besides, she clearly didn’t want to give me the cut I wanted, and I certainly didn’t want someone cutting it that wasn’t confident in doing so.

Which leads me to my first tip: Go to someone who is comfortable and confident with cutting your hair. It’s OK to ask if they are. Be nice about it. But ask. Going from long hair to short hair is kind of different than trimming an inch and adding a couple layers.

Anyway, here’s a kind of awkward self portrait of the bob.


So we went to plan b. Per my aunt’s recommendation (they live year round in Nags Head) I made an appointment with a different lady at a different place. And she was awesome. I brought my mom and aunt with me again, and also my cousin’s wife. It was an event. They brought wine. I’m not kidding. It was fun.

I came with even more pictures of what I wanted. We talked a lot about it and then she started slowly. I was there for over an hour. Snipping here. Snipping there.


I brought this picture. It’s one that I’d been holding onto for months. Michelle Williams always has great hair.


I also brought this one. I like the horse as much as her hair. I’m not sure who she is.


And this one of Carey Mulligan. Or at least one very similar.

Tip #2: Find lots of pictures. When you’re looking at pictures, consider your own hair type. That last picture is super cute. But there’s no way my thicker brown hair is going to look like her wispy blond hair. Not going to happen. So take that into consideration.

Tip #3: Go to someone who will listen to you and talk with you. Don’t just plop down in the seat and sit silently. Talk. And start slowly. You can cut more. You can’t cut less. 

She kept snipping. We kept looking at pictures and talking. And we eventually reached a stopping point, at which point I looked like this….


Definitely much more pixie than the first bob. And I was pretty happy with it. But after a day, I knew it wasn’t quite right. Am I high maintenance? Maybe. At least I was this week when it came to hair. Silly.

So I called the lady back and she had me come in. I knew what I wanted. Shorter in the back. Shorter in the front. Just a bit… shorter. Less poofy.

This time, it only took about 15 minutes of some snipping and thinning. And I left looking like this…



I was pleased. As for the first girl telling me that pixies are a lot of work. False. The only thing that might be a lot of work is maintaining short hair. Because hair grows. If you have the money for it, I imagine it’d be fun to get your hair cut every 4-6 weeks. Who doesn’t love a little pampering. But fitting an extra $30ish(plus) dollars into the budget just for hair might not work for you. It doesn’t for us!

Which brings me to the diy part of this post. What do you do if you don’t want to pay someone to cut it for you? Cut it for yourself, of course!

Keep in mind… I am no hair stylist. I have no training. This is just what I do and it works for me!

1. Go get yourself a good pair of hair cutting scissors. Orange handled fiscars don’t fit the job. I speak from experience.

2. Invest in a pair of thinning shears. I love these. They look like scissors, only they have little teeth and only cut some of the hair. It’s more forgiving than regular scissors. And it lets me take some weight out.

3. Get a mirror on the wall that lets you see the back of your head. It’s a lot easier to cut your hair when you can see the back of your head. Again, I speak from experience.

4. And just like before, start slowly. You can always cut more. But whatever you do to one side, do to the other side. Looking at least relatively even is good.

5. Don’t be afraid to mess up. It’s just hair. And you’ll be surprised how quickly it’ll grow out.

6. Cut when it’s dry. This is a personal preference. It’s easier for me to see where exactly it’s going to fall and lay when it’s dry.

7. Look at lots of pictures… again. I have a whole board on pinterest with hair pictures. Look at your pictures and really take notice of how it’s cut. Not just the overall shape, but how it’s cut.

8. Don’t cut horizontally across your head. You’ll get funky ridges. Cut going vertically. It’ll lay better.

9. Don’t let it grow out too much before you trim it. You don’t want to completely lose the shape or style of the cut you had, or it’ll be harder to get back. Well, unless you’re a pro.

10. Have fun. It’s just hair! I thoroughly enjoy cutting mine. It’s fun. It’s creative. Yes, I’ve messed up. But it grows out. Right now, my hair is probably the shortest its been, and not necessarily on purpose. But I don’t hate it and it’ll grow!

Here are couple pictures that inspired my current cut (well, they were inspiration once I realized I got a little scissor happy)!


Michelle Williams. Photography by Peter Hapak




This was our Christmas photo. It was taken in December, but I had recently given myself a trim.

So how was that for a long post about hair! What do you think? Would you ever take the plunge and get a pixie cut? And would you ever cut it yourself?

*Update: If you search, there are probably a lot of thorough tutorials on places like You Tube that could teach you to cut your own hair!

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  1. You are so beautiful and I love that you can pull off ANYTHING. If only I was that bold… Love you!

  2. gorgeous!

  3. Love your blog! I had a Hamill cut back in the dark ages of the 70’s. That was pretty close to a pixie cut for me. I think they called it a wedge. Never again. I loved the ease, but my face is way too round for a short ‘do. I looked like a pumpkin head! Yours is precious.

  4. I love it! I was looking for an article just like this, because sometimes I want to do my own snipping. And I already have thinning shears. Maybe I don’t like waiting. However, I need to do something, because yesterday I cut my bangs, and now my hair shape is not quite right. It really bugs me.

  5. Thank you! Thank you!
    I have grown my blonde tresses out this past year (mainly out of apathy) and although I love them I have been in love with the pixie haircut for years. For my 45th birthday I made an appointment (tomorrow) to “take the plunge’! I am thankful for your advice on talking with the stylist. You have given me new confidence! Unlike you, I have only told my daughters (17 & 21) of my plans. I do not want anyone to derail my hopes by reiterating old beliefs such as “the older you get the shorter your hair” or that it will make me look “like a boy” etc.
    Here’s to The Pixie!

    • That’s awesome! I’m so glad you’re getting the pixie! I love it. I hope you do too!! Good luck!

  6. About to take a shit at this!

  7. *shot!!!!! Lmao

  8. I love how it turned out! I have my appointment this Friday, and was looking for some extra pics….I may show my stylist all the pictures you posted! Thanks!

  9. The women with the horse above in your images is Audrey Tatou a french actress.She is tres bien.

  10. My hair is less maintenance short. I do my own pixie trims & visit the hair dresser to re shape every few months instead of weeks now. The fun part is never ending up with same style every time lol.

    • Haha that’s right- it’s never the same (even when I botch it and wish it was!) I agree that it’s less maintenance with short hair!

  11. I really like your blog.. very nice colors &
    theme. Did you create this website yourself or
    did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from.

  12. You get different length clipper attachments, the go up to a number 12 which is about three inches, perfect for diy pixies

  13. I LOVE your pixie cut! I was growing my hair out long, but just got a “lob” (long bob) that sits just above my shoulders. As is custom when I cut my hair, I just want to cut it shorter. I have always loved pixies and would like to try one next time I get my hair cut. Thanks for the pictures that you have pinned… although, the pictures of your cut are my favorites. I was wondering if you have any recommendations for a brand of scissors and thinning shears? I definitely can’t afford to go to the salon every month! Also, I was wondering if you use any products in your hair, or if you are able to just wash and go. I am pretty low-maintenance, and am hoping for a cut that doesn’t take much effort. Thanks for your help!

  14. You should post a video tutorial :)

  15. Wow! I am so glad stumbled onto this blog about hair when googling day short haircuts….that week of yours you wrote sounds like this summer for me….I’ve gotten 2 cuts in the past month and said screw it and ordered some good scissors and texturing shears and said I’ll just do it myself and I keep c thickening out!!! Your blog has given me the permission I was looking for…..that screw ups are ok…and that hair always grows back!! So I’m off to do it..lol…here’s hoping my next comment I’m not venting in anger…just kidding. Thanks so much

  16. It’s great to know that I am not alone at all! I had two consecutive haircuts before finally achieving the pixie style that I wanted. I also got a bob, and then a failed pixie before braving myself to got to another salon where I showed Anne Hathaway’s pixie photo. haha. And you are so right about the first tip. The second stylist was so unsure about me having pixie since my hair is thick and wavy, like yours, but she did cut my hair anyway, and that was a mistake. lol. I’m just too happy that everything’s okay now. My hair is two weeks old now and I plan to have it trimmed soon. Good luck to you and keep doing the things you love.

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