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Well, his list that is. You know. Craig’s List. Oh brother. Someone take the laptop away from me!

I was browsing Craig’s List earlier. Not because I’m looking for anything. But because I think it’s fun. Maybe I need to find a better hobby. But until then, I thought I’d share some of my findings and thoughts on those findings. Do you use Craig’s List? It’s addicting. Nothing like the rush of finding a great bargain or exactly what you’re searching for. Well, except for maybe making cold hard cash selling something you no longer need. That’s pretty great, too.

As I was browsing the Richmond VA Craig’s List, I came across the listing for this chair..


Richmond, VA. Comfy Chair. $60

Seriously. Whoever listed this chair knows how take a picture for their ad. Because usually yellow, orange and brown plaid does absolutely nothing for me. But suddenly I kinda like it. I actually think in the right room, with the right decor, this chair could be great. Maybe in a little boy’s room. That simple wood frame is pretty great. And if yellow, orange and brown plaid really isn’t your thing, you could recover the cushions. But bravo, seller, for taking great pictures. I need to find another adjective besides ‘great’ to use for the rest of this post.


Richmond, VA. Solid Wood Dressers (small). $20 each

Simple. Solid. A fun coat of paint could bring new life into these babies.


Richmond, VA. Wooden table (with leaf). $50.

Way to go, people of Richmond, for taking nice pictures for your ads. And for including important information like dimensions. This is a cute wooden table. The top could use refinishing, but hey, once you pile it with mail, dinner and your kid’s homework, you probably wouldn’t even notice the discoloration. I’m a big fan of round tables and I think this one is lovely. Plus an extra leaf is pretty awesome.


Richmond, VA. 2 Chairs. $75/pair.

I love these chairs. With new upholstery on the cushions, they could be awesome. Nice clean lines. Solid wood. Check it out. Don’t be turned off by upholstery that isn’t to your liking. You could change it.


Charlottesville, VA. Antique Dry Sink and Cupboard. $125

Dry sinks are awesome. And this one has a great (ahh, there it is again) shape. Having a baby? Get a dry sink. Use it as a changing table. Then when your kid’s taking care of business on the toilet, you have a nice piece of furniture for your home. It’s what my parents did when I was born. And what we did. With the same dry sink. Very sentimental. You know the hypothetical question, “if your house was on fire, what’s one item you would take with you?” My answer is the dry sink. (It should be noted that Gabriel and Tristan are safely outside, away from the burning house. Tristan saved our box of keepsakes. Wait, what am I thinking?! I’ll get the box, Tristan can haul the dry sink. Gabe would probably rescue his beloved giraffey/lamby-giraffey… or maybe Iron Man).


Charlottesville, VA. Dresser. $30.

No, this dresser probably isn’t the most lovely piece of furniture you’ve ever seen. However, I just got one similar for G’s room, gave it a good scrubbing and painted it white, and I love it now. If it’s sturdy and solid, there’s a lot that can be done with the clean lines of this piece! I usually don’t go for a ton of mid century modern, but was pleasantly surprised when I painted it white.


Charlottesville, VA. Steamer Trunk. $75. 

Always keep your eyes open for trunks. We have two and I love them. One, a $5 yard sale score (serious bargain) is storage for gallons of paint and has our TV sitting on top of it. The second, a Craig’s List find (for $20?) lives under the window in the dining room. I’ll be honest and say I can’t remember what I’m keeping it in. Must not be important. But it provides a nice place to perch by the fire and look out the window. It’s also some extra seating in the dining room. Trunks are multi purpose and ones like this are also beautiful. So if you have $75 and live close to it, you should go get it.


Charlottesville, VA. Antique Boxes. $100 for the set.

I love these. And I wish I could get them. How lovely would they look in the corner of a room, or even beside a bed. They’re beautiful. I love them.


Roanoke, VA. Bistro Type Chairs. $30/pair.

These are just cute.


Roanoke, VA. Trunk. $40.

Nice trunk. Nice price.

And that concludes sharing and rambling about random Craig’s List finds. Have you scored anything from Craig recently? Sold anything? When you’re looking, remember to look at lines, shape and structure. Upholstery and finish (paint or stain) can always be changed. Also, you can now make your browsing experience more user friendly on Craig’s List. Select (pic view) at the top to see little thumbnails of each picture. Then you don’t have to click on the ad to see that that “nice bookcase” for $20 is really the same one you can buy at Walmart for less money. And you can also choose to see only listings by owner. Then when obnoxious mattress stores decide to use Craig’s List as free advertising, you don’t have to sift through their hundreds of “FREE LAYAWAY! FREE LAYAWAY! FREE LAYAWAY! ALL MATTRESS SETS!” ads. Surely our local Craig’s List isn’t the only one plagued by those!

Happy Craig’s Listing! Check back Monday for an update on the bedroom makeovers happening at our home!

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