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When you have a preschooler, your entire life is a learning experience. Your home is a classroom whether you intend to homeschool or not! I’ve been trying to find and incorporate some intentional learning into our routine. Gabriel is an active and energetic three year old boy, so I’m trying to find hands on learning, specifically working on numbers, letters, shapes and colors. I just turned our fridge from a blank, white box into a letter and number search. It was really quick and easy. It’s temporary. And it costs less than $5! And here’s a shocker… I used more gold spray paint!


what you need: 

vinyl sticker letters and numbers (I found some at Walmart, near the kids markers and craft things. A large pack for about $3).

optional: magnetic numbers and letters, a pointer, magnets, etc.

what you do:

Our pack of stickers had letters and numbers in 2 different sizes, several of each letter. I started randomly sticking the large letters all over the fridge. Then I did the numbers. Then the small letters. I skipped the small numbers because of space.

The stickers can be moved if needed. I just eye balled it, spacing as evenly as I could, but not being too particular. You could make it more or less challenging depending on how far you spread out letters (A in the top left, B in the bottom right etc).

If you don’t want to put the stickers on your fridge, you could put on them on blank wall that’s kid level. I actually like them on the fridge. I think they look kinda cool and graphic. And Gabriel can play with them while I’m working in the kitchen.


then play!

If you have magnetic numbers/letters, your child could play a sort of matching game and put the magnets on top of the corresponding stickers. Or collect any kind of magnet and have your child place a magnet on each letter as you say the ABCs. Or just call out random letters and have him/her put on magnet on it. Point to letters using a pointer. It doesn’t have to be long and involved. If you’re walking by the fridge together, pause and ask if he/she can find a certain letter/number. Lots of different ways to use the alphabet fridge!

I had a pack of magnetic letters/number from the dollar store. They were in primary colors- red, blue, yellow, green. My affinity for gold spray paint (coupled with a beautifully warm day perfect for spray painting) made me paint the magnets. Completely unnecessary. But I do like them gold!


What are some other ways you incorporate learning into your day with your preschooler?

Check back soon. I have another project I’m really excited to share… our diy headboard!

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  1. It looks great, I was just planning on spray painting my magnetic letters black (I have a similar spray paint addiction to you) so they match the kitchen. You have given me a nudge. P. s the matching game is a great idea! Thanks

  2. super cute!

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