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Last August, I wrote this post and offered a free {madebyrice} perpetual birthday calendar printable. All you had to do was email me or leave a comment, and I’d send you the pdf file. It was lots of fun to hear from you. I thought, since it’s the beginning of a new year (and readership has grown since the last offer), it’d be a nice time to give away the perpetual calendar again! It’s simple and functional, perfect for helping you remember those important dates, and best of all, you can keep it year after year! No more transferring birthdays and anniversaries to your new calendar every year. And if your family is expanding, it’s easy to add more birthdays and anniversaries! (I’ll be a nerd and admit that I kind of like writing in my new calendar each year… but this is still great!) Instead of emailing the file, it’s available right here in this post! I’d still love to hear from you guys. If you want to comment here, or send an email {ricedesignblog (at) gmail (dot) com} that’d be wonderful! You can even sign up on the left to receive notifications of new posts.


I printed my calendar on brown paper (8.5×11), because I really like brown paper. But you can print yours on whatever you like! I do recommend card stock to make it more durable. The pdf is 6 pages. Once you print, just cut down the center of each page. Punch a hole in the top, loop some twine or string through it and you’re ready to go. Add your important dates and hang it up. I hope you enjoy your perpetual calendar! Click on the link below to get yours!




I hope you enjoy your calendar! Don’t forget to say hi!

{This is for personal use only. Not for resale. All rights belong to RICE Designs.}

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work! And THANK YOU for not forgetting February 29th – as a leap-day baby it is super appreciated!

  2. So pretty! Are you still offering this?

  3. Thank you, nice to find a genuine, free, printable calendar rather than one that gives you a link to a website where you can buy one!! Keep up the good work.

  4. Yes, thanks for your good work and for making it available! My son wants to keep track of family birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and doesn’t want to enter the dates and info every year on a new calendar. This perpetual calendar will please him no end!

  5. Hi, I would love the printable birthday calendar. My mother in law has moved in with us & she has all her birthdays written on a piece of paper, it would be great if I had something like this to print up for her!! Thanks!

    • Hi Sheila! I hope your mother in law likes the calendar! There’s a link in the post that you can click on (the link is right below the second picture, between 2 pictures). It’ll take you to the PDF and you can print it out!

  6. Thank you for this! I was looking for a simple template to make a calendar for my sister and am too busy (lazy, distracted, doing other projects, take your pick!) to make my own, and yours is perfect!

  7. It looks very exciting, and my mothers-in-laws will appreciate theirs very much, as will I. Thank you for taking the time to produce.

  8. I have been looking for a perpetual calendar to print out so I can decorate them and create gifts for friends and family. Thanks!

  9. Thank you! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  10. Hi: I am very excited to find your calendar. I gave away a couple of calendars last year and would like to do this again this year. Thank you for your work and allowing others to benefit.

  11. I would love to make a calendar like this – please send me the file if you would.


    • I’m so glad you like the calendar! The link to a pdf file of the calendar, that you can print out, is in the post. Let me know if you have any trouble opening it!

  12. The perpetual Birthday calendar looks lovely and I would be grateful to have a copy. I have a huge family and wonderful friends and keeping track of all their special days is a challenge. Thanks for offering this.
    Sister Shannon Schrein, OSF

  13. Thank you so much I have been trying to buy one of these for an elderly friend to no avail. I love that I can print one now whwn ever required. But what is URL?

  14. Oh man, I need this so badly, I have a family of 8 children, and now it is growing with grandchildren, I have such a time keeping up!! Thanks so very much

    • I’m so glad, Janna! Sounds like a fun, big family. Hope this helps keep everything straight!

  15. OMG! This is adorable! Can I pretty please get the PDF :)
    Thank you!
    Christy Barron :)

  16. thank you so much! this is exactly what i wanted ive been looking for hours!

  17. I have been looking for a calendar such as this for a very long time. I couldn’t imagine one looking like yours. Can I print more than one copy to give to family? You are very generous to offer this to people. Thank you.

  18. How do I get the pdf file? I looked under calendars and found your blog. I am passing on your blog to my friends. Thanks again.

  19. Thanks for the calendar. I hope it helps me remember all those important Birthdays that I never send cards for;) ~an early new year’s resolution!

  20. Woohoo!

    Hi! What a lovely, simple, elegant calendar! I do hope you are still offering this… I have just landed myself a teaching job next year, so I’ll be moving out of the house with my parents and into my own! Now I need to start organizing – a calendar like this is perfect! Thank you!!!

    • Thanks for your comment Erica! Yes, the PDF should still be available in the post! Congrats on your teaching job. Hope this calendar helps!

  21. I cannot see a link to download this but would love to be able to. Please help

  22. Ooops sorry found it. Thanks I really appreciate this

  23. This Birthday Calendar is just right to use with a special student in a life skills program!

  24. Thank you very much! I have an old one that i bought/decorated a long time ago, but sadly weve had several people leave the family (divorces!) and i need a new calendar. I appreciate that you generously shared your talents freel of charge. Thank you again. (found you on a google search for perpetual birthday calendar printable)

    • Thank you, Kelli! I’m happy to share the calendar and so glad you can use it! I’m sorry you have to make a new one though!

  25. Katy, thank you so much for a such a simple and elegant calendar – I’ve been looking for one exactly like this for a long time. I knew what I wanted but couldn’t find one anywhere that wasn’t covered in designs that were going to date pretty quickly.

    I’ve just missed a birthday of someone pretty special so action was promptly needed. I’m between jobs, so free is a real blessing right now. All I can send to you in return is a big bunch of gratitude, much thanks and many wishes for a wonderful New Year/2014.

  26. Thanks, Katy! I’m making chipboard birthday reminder books and these are PERFECT!!

  27. Katy,
    I hope that you are still sharing this link. I have benn looking for one for a long time.

  28. Hi
    I,ve been looking everywhere for a down load like this thank you for posting

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