Jan 302013

I love coffee. I look forward to making a fresh pot every morning. I have one cup right away, and save one for later. Mm. Delicious. Unless I’m having it iced (in the summer), my second cup always has to be reheated. Sometimes the first cup does too, if I don’t drink it soon enough. And I’m always bummed that reheated coffee always tastes a little… off. Bitter, perhaps? Instead of dumping more sugar or honey in it (I already add enough half and half!) my Mom suggested I give it a little splash of vanilla extract. Pure vanilla extract. A little goes a long way. And the bitterness is gone! Sometimes I even add a splash to my morning coffee, just because I like the flavor. So next time you have to reheat your coffee and notice it tastes a little off, try adding some vanilla! Thanks for the tip, Mom!


Your coffee doesn’t turn that color with just a little bit of half and half!

(And another quick tip… before you pour your coffee in your mug, run it under some hot water/let some hot water sit it in. It’ll heat up the mug a little bit and prevent your coffee from getting cooled off right away. After all, pouring in enough half and half already cools it down a little bit by itself!)

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