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I’m back with another round up for you! More inspiration. More ideas. What are your thoughts on painted dining room chairs? I recently painted our chairs… twice. First in a blue gray. I liked the color, but not on the chairs. So I used leftover Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (which is much more durable anyway) and they’re now French Linen, a warm, taupey-gray. Lovely. And the matte finish of chalk paint (sealed with clear wax) is wonderful! I see pictures of dining room chairs in fun colors and I think I like them. And I do! But I’ve come to realize that I like to live among more neutral colors, so I can change the decorations or accessories and bring in color that way. (Yes, Mom, I know you’re laughing at that.. I always insisted on bold colors, especially on walls, and now I realize that I actually prefer more neutral!)

Anyway, here are some painted dining room chairs for you to take a look at…


a beautiful mess









So what do you think? Would you put painted chairs around your table? Maybe it’s too much of a commitment to make all your chairs kelly green or bright red. What about painting just one chair? Or two? Perhaps the chairs at the ends of the table (if your table is rectangle). We actually have one black chair at the end of the table. And G’s booster seat is at the other end, on a completely different chair all together. I do like the mismatched look of dining room chairs! If you have painted chairs, I’d love to see them!

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  1. I painted my dining room chairs bright red with black and white upholstery. I love them. https://capeofdreams.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/new-years-mrs-clean/

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