Mar 272013
round up {kid's rooms}

I’m so excited to share Gabe’s new big boy room! I have the pictures and post nearly ready, but in the meantime I thought I’d share some fun kid’s room inspiration. I hope to have the post on Gabe’s room up this afternoon. You can check out this post to see his room as a [continue…]

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Mar 222013
the evolution of a room.

I’m about to share some alarming photographs. But I think they’re interesting.. or at least fun for me to look back at. They are also a self esteem booster for you, my lovely readers. If you’re feeling discouraged by your house keeping abilities, like you’re always drowning in a sea of dirty clothes, these photos [continue…]

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Mar 192013
diy {burlap coffee sack art}

If you’re ever in a thrift store and see burlap coffee sacks, buy them. Don’t think about it. Don’t inspect them. Run as quickly as you can to where they are and grab them. I wouldn’t even judge you if you pushed people out of the way (unless you’re pushing me, in which case, we [continue…]

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Mar 182013
diy {a rope pot for my Jade tree}

The other day I wandered into Home Depot. I love hardware stores. I was excited to see their new big displays of plants. I had my change purse with me (that I take thrifting) and I knew I had enough to bring home a succulent. I picked up each plant, inspected each one from all [continue…]

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Mar 172013
can you guess what we did for our Saturday project?

I’m so excited to share our Saturday afternoon project with you, but it’s not quite photo ready yet. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some photos that inspired me. I’ll share more details this coming week, but until then, here’s some inspiration. Can you guess what we did?! source source source source source source [continue…]

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Mar 152013
diy {guitar hooks}

I used to get mad every time I cleaned up the office/craft room/guest room because there were 3 clunky guitar cases with no place to go. I’d grumble and shove them under the futon or in a corner. I know, such a big problem and inconvenience. A couple weeks ago, I was sitting on the [continue…]

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Mar 142013
diy {how to hide a painted line that isn't crisp}... and my office is partly black!

How’s that for a wordy title?! I’ve started seeing a trend every time my sweet friend, Jill, comes over. After each visit (or sometimes during), I end up painting something black. Last week it was my whole kitchen. This week it was a section of the guest room/office/craft room. When Tristan came home and noticed [continue…]

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