Mar 042013

Happy Monday! Is anyone else excited about the potential for snow this week? I’m ready for winter to go out with a bang. Let’s get one good snow for sledding and snowman making, and then bring on spring!

Last night while I was making dinner, I got this uncontrollable urge to paint part of the backsplash in black chalkboard paint. I tried, but I couldn’t resist. So while the rice was cooking on the stove, I satisfied the urge. Tristan walked in the kitchen and at first didn’t notice that half the wall over the stove was black. And then as he turned to walk away, he did a double take. And just laughed at me. These things don’t surprise him anymore.



Something about black walls in kitchens. I just love them!

 March 4, 2013  Posted by at 11:18 our home

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  1. That looks so cool!! I love it, Katy! :)

  2. You are more than welcome to come paint my house whenever you get those urges…there’s plenty upon plenty over here…lol!!! ;)

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