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Who enjoyed a late-in-the-season snow this week? We got FOURTEEN inches! The last big snow we had was the year Gabriel was born. 2009. So this was the first snow he’s gotten to enjoy. And boy did he enjoy it. We went sledding in the afternoon and then over to our friends house for a ‘snow party’. We played in the snow some more and then had a potluck dinner or sorts and, of course, hot chocolate. Snow parties. A new tradition!

Last week we switched our living room and dining room. I don’t know why we waited so long to do this. It works so much better this way! I’m slowly but surely putting the rooms back together. The built in bookcase is now in the living room. It’s one of my favorite features of this home. I love built-ins, but think they’re kind of intimidating to style. It can be hard to get a pulled together, cohesive look when you have so much space to fill! Since we don’t have enough books to fill up the whole thing, I pulled other random objects/baskets/crates from around the house to fill up the shelves. Through trial and error, I’m quite happy with how it turned out! And best part- I spent $0. Since I tend to approach projects like a hurricane (I barrel in and rip things apart in the process of getting it done) I didn’t take any before or process pictures. There’s just no time to pause and take a picture! It always takes a bit of time to recover from the hurricane and put things back together. We’re in that recovery stage right now! But I thought I’d share a little corner of our new living room. The oversized chair by the fire is my favorite. And if I’m really cold, I scoot the black chair really close to the fire and huddle over it, usually sipping something warm.


I love sitting in the big chair, because I can gaze right into my new black kitchen. It makes me smile. Who knew black could be such a happy color. Kitchen pictures to come soon.



So there’s peak at a corner of our living room. I have about 27 other projects going on right now. I’m excited to share some of them here! And maybe, if I can pause the hurricane, I’ll take some before and process pictures to share!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Love this, Katy! You are talented and have a great eye!

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