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I found these great urn like baskets at the thrift store some time ago, and as is the norm, I planned to spray paint them and use them for organization and storage. As is also the norm, they sat around, getting moved from room to room until I got around to them, which finally happened this week! I traded my gold spray paint for silver this time. I like metallics, because they act as a neutral while adding something fun to the space. I’m definitely not a shiny sparkly kinda girl, I do like my metallics.

I was inspired by Martha



Here’s a before (I’m patting myself on the back for remembering to take a before picture)!




There was nothing wrong with them before, but it’s a rare occasion when I get the urge to spray paint something and stop myself. I taped the handles to keep them the natural basket color. I took them outside and gave them a couple coats of silver metallic spray paint.

The large basket holds tracks to Gabriel’s electric train set (an amazingly kind and thoughtful gift from his Uncle August and Aunt Kelli). And the smaller basket holds my wrapping paper.


I can’t remember how much the baskets were, but I know it was cheap. As in, I took my baggie of change to the thrift store and got them. Super cheap! If you’re looking for some storage options but don’t want to spend money on new matching containers (which can get expensive, especially cute containers), collect a bunch of baskets and spray paint them the same color. Make yourself a nice little matching set! It’s unique and interesting with the different basket shapes. It’s also a cheap way to organize!

Have you spray painted anything recently? Anyone have a favorite, go to spray paint color?


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  1. LOVE it! Awesome idea

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