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I used to get mad every time I cleaned up the office/craft room/guest room because there were 3 clunky guitar cases with no place to go. I’d grumble and shove them under the futon or in a corner. I know, such a big problem and inconvenience. A couple weeks ago, I was sitting on the sofa staring at a blank white wall and wondering what, if anything, I should hang on it. And then it came to me. The guitars!


For around $5, we have 3 guitars hanging beautifully on the wall, not shoved in corners and under futons. And since they’re out in such easy access, they get played more frequently, too!

What You Need:

Tool Hooks. They’re just ‘U’ shaped hooks. They’d usually be used to hang shovels etc. in a shed. I found them at Walmart. Less than $2 a piece. One per guitar. (The ones Home Depot had were too small for the neck of a guitar, so make sure you get ones big enough to hold the guitar).

A board. I had a 52″ board that was going to be a shelf, but never used. It was the perfect size for the 3 guitars. (I painted the board white to blend in with the wall).

2 screws to attach the board to the wall (directly into the studs so you don’t have to use anchors).

A drill.

A level or just a good eye.

A husband who does all the work while you watch ‘The Office’.


What You Do:

1. Decide where you want the guitars to hang. Then hang the board on the wall. Tristan centered it on the wall and screwed directly into the studs.

2. Since we were hanging 3 guitars, we knew the middle hook needed to be centered on the board. Tristan predrilled a hole for the hook and then twisted it in. We figured out how far apart we wanted the guitars to hang, and then he predrilled 2 more holes for the other hooks, and twisted them in.

3. Then hang the guitars and smile.

(I very lightly covered the screws that hold the board to the wall with some putty and then painted over them. Tristan assures me that we’ll still be able to unscrew the board from the wall when the time comes. It does look nicer and more seamless to hide the screw heads. If you want to get fancy, you could always sink the heads in a bit and then use those screw head cover sticker things to disguise them).


And there you have it! A display that’s both pretty and functional… and cheap! Any guitar players out there? How do you store your guitars?

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