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The other day I wandered into Home Depot. I love hardware stores. I was excited to see their new big displays of plants. I had my change purse with me (that I take thrifting) and I knew I had enough to bring home a succulent. I picked up each plant, inspected each one from all angles, and finally settled on a charming little Jade. It’s cute and makes me happy.

I brought it home and was going to repot it, but the potting soil is frozen outside. Also, I didn’t really feel like repotting it. So a little laziness paired with frozen potting soil and the Jade sat in its little plastic pot, looking cute but a bit naked.

Then last night, I decided to give it a more dignified home. But I still didn’t want to repot it (and the soil was even more frozen), so I got a little creative.


My cute little 4 inch Jade. $3.98 at Home Depot.

I sat the plastic pot on some aluminum foil and wrapped the foil loosely up the sides, making an aluminum foil pot for the plastic pot to sit in. This is to catch any water that drains through the soil, since the plastic pot has lots of holes in the bottom. (Which is good, because succulents don’t like drowning). I made the foil pot a little bigger than the plastic pot, so I can lift the plant out and get rid of any water that collects in the foil.


Start making the foil pot like this, to avoid seams on the bottom that water could seep through. Wrap the foil loosely up the sides. 


The foil pot. I’m patting myself on the back for taking these progress pictures!

Then I got out my cotton clothesline to make a rope pot for the foil covered plastic pot to sit inside. I started coiling it in a circle to make the bottom, gluing as I went. Then when I had a big enough bottom, I started working upward to make the sides. I was careful not to glue the rope to the aluminum foil. So, at this point I have a plastic pot, that sits inside a foil pot, that sits inside a rope pot. Does that makes sense?


Cotton clothesline. The same thing I used in this post.


You can also see that I made the rope pot a little taller than the plastic pot. 



Charming, don’t you think? I love it. Stay tuned to see where this lovely thing is living!

Oh, and here’s the supply list…

A succulent plant in a plastic pot.

Aluminium foil.

Cotton clothesline.

Hot glue.

Have a great Monday, friends!

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