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I’m about to share some alarming photographs. But I think they’re interesting.. or at least fun for me to look back at. They are also a self esteem booster for you, my lovely readers. If you’re feeling discouraged by your house keeping abilities, like you’re always drowning in a sea of dirty clothes, these photos should give you some encouragement. For some reason, the only pictures I have of the stages of our room involves an explosion of clothes. I’m not sure why that is. I always keep up with laundry and immediately fold and put clothes away when they come out of the dryer. It’s so unlike me to have any clothes laying out. I do the laundry daily. Not bi-weekly.

Our home needed a little bit, no, a lot, of TLC when we moved in. Here’s a picture of our room shortly after move-in day…


What you’re unable to see in this picture is just how dirty the walls were.


January 2012. Clothes explosion. The first time I painted the room, shortly after moving in, I went for a pale blue/green color. While it was a lovely color, it wasn’t me. It felt cold. And just wasn’t right.


January 2013. I mean really. This is bad. I painted the room a creamy white over the summer. The bed moved to a different wall. Different furniture was moved in and painted black. And then in January (when this photo was taken) I painted a very wide white stripe behind the headboard, trying to give the room a focal point. Didn’t really work. In my defense of this chaos, the room was extra torn apart from painting. This was also the time I got the urge to go through all our clothes and give bag-fulls away. So you’re seeing the aftermath of me ripping the closet and dressers apart. It always looks (so much) worse before it gets (a little bit) better!


February 2013, the room was looking like this. You can vaguely see the wide white stripe behind the bed. Overall pretty boring. I wasn’t feeling really motivated to do anything else. You could call it a design rut.


And this is what it looks like today. We built a shelf over our bed last weekend and it does so much for the room. I’m still experimenting with an artwork arrangement up there, and have some diy art in mind, but for now I’m quite happy with it. It feels cozy. I also stained the headboard a bit darker and sealed it with wax. It has a lovely matte finish now and feels so soft.


I swapped out our nightstands. I stacked 2 apples crates, and painted them white (the same white as the wide stripe and the shelf). They’re more substantial and practical (more space and an extra shelf), compared to our previous single crate nightstands (that now live stacked in the hallway right outside our room).


I grabbed a bunch of art from around the house to put on the shelf. I want to add some black frames to it. It needs a little bit of tweaking, but I do love that shelf. So does Tristan. Even though he cracked his head on the corner yesterday morning. Ouch.

So there it is… the evolution of our room. It’s gone through many phases, and I’m sure will change more. Hopefully I’ll get more pictures of different angles soon! Is your room the last place that gets any attention? I seem to spend time decorating and arranging other rooms, but seem to neglect our room. No more! I do love how our room is now. And I’m pretty sure I sleep better in it, too. Have a great weekend, friends!

To see how we made our headboard, check out this post.

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  1. It looks SO great!!

  2. I saw your comment on Apartment Therapy, and I am glad that I visited your site. The shelf over the bed looks great. I like your headboard too.

  3. Hello,
    I found your blog when searching for practical nightstands (:

    The result of your renovation is great!
    Love the shelf over the bed, and using crates as nightstands is a very good idea!

    Thank you for giving me some inspiration!


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