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First of all, I’m having a hard time figuring out how my little babe is a in a big boy room. Slow down, you crazy child! This growing up thing goes quickly. Although, it’s days like today, when a migraine starts to kick my butt, that I’m happy he’s a little independent! I can give him some goldfish crackers (or the whole bag), turn on a movie (or 2) and close my eyes. You realize how much you take your vision for granted when it starts to fade!

Gabe’s been in his big boy bed since January. It was his 3rd birthday present from my parents (lovingly known as Bada and Boom). I’ve slowly puttered around in his room, tweaking things here and there. There haven’t been any major changes from his nursery, but it’s still been a fun little project. I like this room better, but it might be because we have such fun sitting in his big bed and telling bedtime stories as a family! Sweet memories are being made in this space!

In case you haven’t seen this post, I thought I’d show you what his room looked like when we moved in..



The walls were yellow, ripped apart, and drawn on. But there was such potential!





My Mom is amazing and found a Jenny Lind style bed for Gabriel. It was what I dreamed of for his room. Can you believe it was $80? Solid wood. Absolutely amazing. And then she got some Annie’s Chalk paint to refinish it. We used French Linen and finished it with the clear wax. I absolutely love his bed.



It’s a beautiful bed! Right now, I have his backup sheets on the bed. Usually, this time of year, he has adorable doggie flannel sheets that were part of his birthday present. But they’re currently needing to be washed. It makes life so much easier to have two pairs of sheets. Though Gabriel’s a little sad to not sleep with the doggies.



I got this dresser on Craig’s List for $20 and refinished it (thanks Uncle Carl and Aunt Irene for the Christmas gift)! I like the clean lines and the size is perfect for his room, but it can hold a lot of clothes. I like that it doesn’t actually have any handles. You can kind of tell that the drawer fronts are angled, so you reach under the bottom to slide the drawers out. The wall hanging is a tapestry I found at a thrift store. The trees are actually Christmas decorations!




My Mom gave us the charming paint by number pictures a couple years ago. I love them and so does Gabriel. The mobile is something I found, spray painted gold, and hung old picture of my Dad, grandmother and aunt from! The old photographs are so sweet. The angel was mine as a child.




We keep Gabe’s little suitcase under the dresser. He loves his truck suitcase. Also a gift from my Mom and Dad.







As a child, my Grandpa gave me Shel Silverstein books. I loved them. I was thrilled to find ‘Falling Up’ at the thrift store and used the pages as art in Gabe’s room. We really enjoy looking at the pages, reading the poems and playing I-spy with the illustrations. The bench is from our wedding and the basket holds some books and toys that Gabriel can pick from and take into his bed at nap time. Yes, he loves the story Madeline and has parts of it memorized!




I have double sided tape on the back of the pages, but also used Washi tape to secure some of the edges.




The mobile with the old photographs. The photo in the middle is of my Dad and my Aunt Jan! So sweet!




And this is my Dad and dearest Gran. Precious.




I used more washi tape with the photos, and on the backs of some used left over pages from the Shel Silverstein book.




Back to his bed. His nightstand is an old crate. I found the old piece of wood in the outbuilding and painted the alphabet on it. It was there in his nursery, too.




We found these cloud cut outs in the outbuilding when we moved in. I painted them white and hung them over his crib. When we moved his bed in, I was so happy that they were still perfect where they were on the wall. I didn’t have to move them! I added to stars when we moved his big bed in. They are little wooden star cut outs that you can find at Michaels. I spray painted them gold and used tiny sewing pins to hold them to the wall!

And there is Gabriel’s big boy room! I’m so happy with how it turned out. You can put together a special space without having to spend lots of money! I hope you enjoyed the tour!

(The wall color is Martha Stewart Plumage. I was inspired by Young House Love’s guest room. The white paint on the dresser is Parchment White by Glidden, also inspired by Young House Love! It’s my go-to white paint for furniture!)

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  1. definitely can’t believe gabriel is still THAT old!? is there a shot of his whole room all together (if that’s all possible?)!? – maybe i just need to see it in person… i LOVE it… :) love you sweet friend!

    • I think you just need to see it in person. Yeah.. that’s definitely it ;) I’ll try to get a shot of the whole room together. I don’t know why I didn’t do that in the first place. Love you Meg!

  2. such a beautiful room! Where did you find the sweet pillows and orange bound blanket?

    • Thanks so much Emily! The blanket is actually a family treasure. It’s been handed down for several generations! My Mom put the orange binding on it when she gave it to Gabe. The polka dot pillow (that matches the sheets) is from Target. The tan pillow sham and the yellow pillow are from TJMaxx (I think! I can’t quite remember). And I made the stripe pillow from fabric I found in the dollar fabric section at Walmart! Hope that helps!

      • I thought it might be an old quilt, but I love the idea of adding coloured binding!

  3. I love this room! Great job! Can you please share the brand name and color for the gold spraypaint? In the store they all look too shiny.

    • Thank you so much! Yes. I always use Rustoleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish. It comes in a white can. I find mine at Walmart! It’s shiny, but not as garish as some gold spray paints! Hope this helps!

  4. Hi, I popped over from Young House Love, and just wanted to say how much I love your sons room! Love the Plumage paint with the clouds and stars! And the picture pages with the washi tape are so charming, what a lucky boy :)

  5. I absolutely LOVE it your son room! Nice to see that you don’t have spend a million bucks to make a great for your little one. :) Great job!

  6. Popped over from YHL. Love the room! Maybe J&S should be looking to you for inspiration!

  7. I also popped over from YHL. Love the room and love it when renting a person puts in the time and effort to make it their own beautiful space. My wish for you is that this home one day does become yours….I think it deserves YOU :)


    • Teri, you are so kind. Thank you! I had lots of fun with his room and making this house our home!

  8. I absolutely love it and kuddos to being featured on Young House Love. The colors are the exact same I had planned for my youngest — Dallas J. What was the name of the paint you used on the walls?

    • Thanks so much Beth Marie! I was so excited to see his room pop up on YHL :) I used Plummage by Martha Stewart (inspired by YHL) and had it colored matched using Behr paint.

  9. What a great room…the price is right too. Using cutout sales is so good…can move them much easier than paint on the walls. Good work!

  10. Oh, I love absolutely everything about this room!! Are the sheets from Target?

  11. oh, my. absolutely adorable room. stopped by via young house love. nicely done. even gave me a few ideas for my 2.5 yr.old son’s room. that bed is the best.

    • Thanks so much Georgia! I do love his bed :) Have fun with your son’s room.. I think kid’s rooms are so fun to create!

  12. Found you from YHL and I adore your son’s room! Great job! Thanks for the inspiration! Congrats on the new little one!

  13. Love the reno! I’m from over at Young House Love, too – thanks for sharing this with them! I never would have chosen that dark blue, but it’s great! Love love love the bed and linens, too! How did you treat the bed before chalk-painting it?

    • Oh thank you so much! I didn’t treat the bed, which is a plus side of the chalk paint. The bed was a really dark red stained wood, and it bled through a bit. I should have primed it, I think, but it turned out just fine!

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