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I’m so excited to share Gabe’s new big boy room! I have the pictures and post nearly ready, but in the meantime I thought I’d share some fun kid’s room inspiration. I hope to have the post on Gabe’s room up this afternoon. You can check out this post to see his room as a nursery (and how far it’s come since we moved in!). I loved his nursery, and I like his big boy room even more!




I do love a partially painted wall. And I also love that little toddler bed from Ikea. This looks like a fun, playful room.



I don’t know any kid that wouldn’t love to have a bed like that. Especially Gabe. The boy takes after his father and loves to climb. Sleeping in a bed like that would be a dream for him. Maybe one day when he’s a little older. I also love the black wall and the green wardrobe piece!



I love the wall covered in the horse print wallpaper. So charming! I also really like a white painted floor. (We still have to paint the girls’ room floor, Kelli!)



How fun is that bed? And I think that green dresser is an Ikea Rast (is that right?). I also like this painted floor. A bright, whimsical room. Lovely!



What fun is this eclectic little girl’s room?! The trunk, the teepee, the bedding… it’s all so charming.



You could make your own giraffe (or any animal silhouette) out of contact or wrapping paper and add a charming detail to your child’s room!

So how’s that for a roundup of simply delightful children’s rooms?! Check back soon to see Gabriel’s new big boy room! And in the meantime, have a great Wednesday!

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  1. I love this inspiration…and all the inspiration posts you do!

  2. i was just wondering how you build the frame that looks like a house??

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