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If you like RICE on Facebook (which you definitely should!), you might have seen this picture already…



There’s a little kitchen organization project in the works over here! It’s not quite finished yet, so I thought I’d do a little round up of kitchen organization to get you inspired…



A Beautiful Mess

I love pegboard pot racks in the kitchen. I really love black pegboard pot racks. And I love reclaimed wood projects. So I think this photo is just pretty great all around. I made my own pegboard and wrote about it here. The area looks a lot different now, though!



A cork covered fridge. Brilliant! You could make an ugly fridge pretty and functional with some cork tiles. You can also get rolls of cork, similar to drawer liners, but it isn’t very thick. I love this idea.


The Inspired Room

I love the use of shelves in this photo. Using jars is a great and attractive way to store dried food!



If this isn’t a beautifully organized pantry, I don’t know what is! Not only is the shelving amazing, but the baskets and glass jars look lovely.



Taking the doors off your cabinets is an easy way to get the open shelving look. It’s great if you’re a renter (you can put the doors back on) and you can also test out the open shelf idea to see if you like it. I like the way the space above the cabinets is used with those big baskets. Functional and pretty. I also love the black window frame, the step stool (which I think is Ikea) and the white tile floor.



How creative to use an old door to organize your kitchen. Perfect for renters! Paint it to match your kitchen and attach some hooks and art. So inventive. Don’t forget to attach it to the wall, especially if you have kids running around!


You should head over here to get these printable chalkboard labels for your kitchen, spice jars and pantry. They’re amazing! Emily McDowell is so talented and so kind to make and share them. There are tons of labels like the ones above that you can print to use in your kitchen!

How do you have your kitchen organized? Have any tips or tricks to share? Check back soon to see our little kitchen organization project!

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