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I’ve been needing to make more business cards, but wanted to do something different than I had before. I envisioned using tags (the ones that look like manila file folders and have the reinforced hole at the top) and having simple, black type. I played around on the computer, trying to design something using Word (publishing layout) but never got anything I loved. I thought about printing on labels, and then sticking the labels to the tags. But that idea never really got me excited. What I really wanted was a stamp. I love stamps. I thought having a stamp would be multi-functional. I could use it for business cards and tags and different branding. It’d be perfect. I browsed Etsy, looking at custom stamps, but they were a little out of my price range. And the idea of committing to one stamp was just too much for me. What if I wanted to change it? Or what about when my domain name changes (I’m in the process of getting a new website!)… a stamp seemed so… permanent. How’s that for over-thinking?

So I did a good, old fashioned Google image search (for custom stamp business card), hoping for another option, and sure enough, a Design Sponge post came up near the top. I had my answer.

Tristan came home for lunch, and instead of being a good wife and sharing lunch together, I dashed to Staples to pick up my supply. Yes. Supply. Singular. Just one thing. And it’s quite possibly my most favorite crafting supply of the moment.

It’s a custom stamp kit.



The one online was still a little more money than I wanted to spend (my Craig’s List sales money is only so big) but I figured I’d go and see what I found. I was thrilled when it was nearly $10 cheaper in the store than online!

You use those tweezers to pick out each letter and put it on the stamp thing. The letters are pretty small (there are two sizes- small and smaller). It takes some time to put on the letters on and get them lined up, but it wasn’t nearly as tedious as I thought.



I wrote out what I wanted to stamp. There are multiples of each letter, but I made sure I’d have enough to spell out what I wanted. I alternated sizes (bigger size on the first line, smaller next, bigger, smaller). You’re basically just spelling the words backwards.



These are the larger letters. Or, as I said, small and smaller.



You push them right onto the stamp thing. I centered mine. Or kind of centered it. The letters can kind of move once they’re on, so you can slide them around to get them lined up.

It comes with a stamp pad (in black) that worked really well. I did a couple test stamps on scrap paper and then went to town stamping my tags.



Speaking of tags. You can find them at craft stores, but they’re cheaper at office supply stores. I think these were $5 for 100. Which is like 20 cents a business card. Totally doable.





They’re called shipping tags and they’re great. A craft supply must have, if you ask me.



They turned out even better than I imagined. I love them! The best way to get a clean, crisp stamp is to carefully put the stamp onto the paper (don’t let it shift around) and then give the top a nice little tap with your hand. Like a hammer.



Aren’t they great?! I really love them. And the stamp in multi-functional! I’ll use it for tags and other crafts. The set also came with another stamp thing, so I can make another one! The ideas are just swirling around my head.



I’m going to make a branch tree of sorts, to hang the tags from. For now they’re hanging from a jewelry hook hanger tree thing I got at thrift store and (shockingly) spray painted gold!

I’m so happy with my business cards. They’re easy to make and the stamp in multi-functional. And if I need to change it, I can! I have a feeling I’m going to be stamping a lot of things around here!

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  1. I love them; they are so creative. Well done.

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