Apr 082013


Time to edit some business cards!

After many hours of reading forums, wanting to rip my hair out and being an absent wife, mother and member of society, the new site is up and running! There’s still some tweaking to be done for sure (I haven’t even added analytics yet… still have to figure that one out)… but I have to say, I’m pleased! It’s simple, but simple is good. If you notice something not working right, PLEASE leave a comment or email me at ricedesignblog [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know. Or if you have any suggestions or comments about the new site, I’d love to hear them! My normal project time was taken up by blog design, so I’m excited to get back to my normal diy projects! Come back soon for peak at our kitchen (it’s black and organized!) Have a lovely day! I’m off to not stare a computer screen for the rest of the afternoon!

[A HUGE thank you to our dear family friend, Jeff Butler, for all his help and work in acquiring the domain, setting things up, and making sure everything’s running smoothly. THANK YOU THANK YOU! If anyone’s looking for a videographer, he’s your guy. He filmed our wedding and it’s incredible. He’s seriously talented. And I’m not just saying that because he’s the reason I have a new site!]

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  1. I like it!!

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