Apr 112013

I’m working on finishing up my kitchen organization project and am excited to share it. I’m also excited to finally take some good pictures of our black kitchen. I love it just as much, if not more, as I did when I first painted it. No painters remorse on this one!

A quick note about the new site. On the old blog, there was a subscription option that a lot of you signed up for (to get notified of new posts). I’m working on getting an email subscription set up on this site, because the old subscription doesn’t apply here. You might notice that if you tried to go to the old address, it redirected you here. That’s because I’m all sorts of techy now (kidding) and figured out how to redirect traffic. I’m working on the email subscription thing and when it’s up and running, it’ll be in the right sidebar, and I’ll make a little note about it in a post. ¬†Just wanted to let you know!

Are you on Pinterest? I love Pinterest. It’s full of inspiration And it’s a fun way to share ideas, too. This morning, I thought I’d share a few pins that I really like!


the style files flickr

I really like the idea of using a ladder to hold blanket (or towels) and this charming ladder looks like it could be a possible diy project! I really like this whole bathroom- from the tiles to the rug to the sink to the walls.



A great tutorial for making a really cute tshirt beanie! A simple, quick and inexpensive project. This would even but a sweet gift to give!



I love these cement and metallic votive holders. I’d love to try my hand at making something with cement. Maybe this summer I’ll use this tutorial and make some!



This garden planted in wine crates is beautiful. I’d love to (grass) seed over our garden in the back yard and do something like this. I think it’d be easier for me to manage and would give us a bigger yard for playing!

There are many more that I love, but my laptop is being stubborn this morning. Instead of fighting with it, I’ll give it a break and go finish up the kitchen project so I can share that! Have a happy day!


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