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Happy Monday, friends! I want to share how I got a custom size rug and some cute little decorations for $7. Ready? Go!



I’d been searching for a rug for our downstairs bathroom for a little while. I wanted something with a little color and most importantly, something that would cover a big portion of the floor. I was at Ross one day, a couple months ago, and walked by the rug section. This rag rug caught my eye. Unlike most rag rugs I’ve seen, this one was colorful without screaming at you. The colors were perfect. (I usually go for more neutral decor, but in the bathroom downstairs, I wanted some color.) The length was perfect. But the width was about a foot too wide. Bummer. It was on sale for $7, so I brought it home anyway. I had an idea. I put it in the bathroom and folded it under to pretend it was the right width. It stayed like that for a couple weeks while I made sure I liked it. Once I was sure, I waited a couple more weeks to do anything about it. Normally I dive right into a project. I don’t know I dragged my feet so much on this one!



This morning, I brought the rug out to the living room and laid it flat. Without thinking too much about it, I started cutting the rug. I just kinda winged it and cut where it had been folded under. There was a crease that was easy to follow. I took it back to the bathroom to test the size. Still too wide. I brought it back to the living room and trimmed about an inch off. Test again. A tad too wide. Trim again. Test. Perfect.



When Gabe walked in and saw me cutting the rug he said, “Oh no Mommy! We don’t cut rugs! Daddy’s gonna come home and say, “You need to take a time out!” So then I explained to him that it was OK for Mommy to cut her rug. But he better not ever even think about it. Ever. Do as I say, not as I do. Kapish?

Once I got the size right, I sewed a straight line down the cut edge. I think this will keep it from unraveling. I also thought about adding some hot glue on the back, to hold it together even more. Not sure if I’ll do that or not. I’ve seen people put lines of caulk on the backs of rugs to keep them from sliding. It might be nice to do something like that to this rug. Maybe eventually.



I was left with all these little pieces of fabric from each trim. They were laying in a pile on the floor, looking all pretty in all their colorfulness. I got 3 mason jars and Gabriel had fun putting the pieces in the jars for me. He made me a ‘birfday cake’. And then, as nap time approached, the pieces got more and more scattered throughout the house. The crazy before the crash. We collected them and put them back in the jars, which are currently sitting on the windowsill in the bathroom.


of course I spray painted the lids gold.



Not too bad for $7, huh? I’m quite happy with the results. And my rug search is over! Would you or have you ever cut up a rug? If you’re looking for a very specific size, like I was, considering buying one that’s a little too big and hemming it! It works quite well with rag rugs!

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  1. At the fabric store you can find this stuff called fray check, put it on the back side of the rug it will be investable once it drys and the fabric will never fray ( I personal go have on applying it just to be sure the area dose not have any missed spots).

    • That’s a great idea! I actually have some fray check already, but hadn’t thought to put it on the rug. Thanks!

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