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We’re so grateful to have two full bathrooms in our house. One is downstairs. It’s the one overnight guests use, and it also has a tub for the kid. (Check out this post to see the before and after and an easy diy. And check out this post to see how I made a custom sized rug for the bathroom.)

I’m really excited about today’s post. It’s kind of a double feature. A DIY and a before and after/bathroom tour. Sneak peak, shall we? And then I’ll get to the details…


I’m grateful that both of our bathrooms have windows in them. It’s nice for light and fresh air. But it’s not so nice for privacy. Especially when one window is right in front of the toilet. And you live in the city. And it’s a window at the front of the house. Not ideal.


toilet and window. what privacy?

The window had a mini blind on it, but I’m not much of a mini blind fan. They get dirty and tangled and… eh. For a little while, I had a sheer-ish curtain in front of the mini blind, just to make it pretty. But it also blocked a lot of light. And, when I wanted to open the window, there was that whole privacy issue.

A couple weeks ago I was in Home Depot. How I love Home Depot. I’m a regular. I know the paint ladies by name. They know me. And Gabriel. I go in there a lot, even if it’s just to wander around. So many things and so many possibilities! And it smells good. The smell of potential projects. And lumber.

I’m rambling.

A couple weeks ago, during my wandering, I was looking at the wall of spray paint. So many options. Something caught my eye. Rustoleum Frosted Glass spray paint. I was intrigued. I’d been thinking of a way to add privacy to our bathroom windows without spending much money (window film was a bit more than I wanted to spend). I saw this tutorial on Design Sponge, but the supplies I could find wouldn’t give me enough privacy. For less than $5, this can of frosted glass spray paint looked promising. Or at least interesting. So I got one.


I think it was my project on Monday, when I finally made my custom sized rug for our downstairs bathroom, that got me in the mood to tackle some projects in the bathrooms. One of those projects being the frosted glass spray.

So when Gabriel took a nap, I got to work.

I read the instructions. Cleaned the glass with soap and water. Or just water. And a sock. I was too lazy to find a washcloth.

And then I taped around the window.

And I started spraying. Light, even coats. Can held about a foot away. Slight overlap. I was half expecting (ok, maybe more than half) that it would come out splotchy and weird and I’d be grumbling as I scrapped it off. But much to my pleasant surprise, it was amazing! Really. You know the high you get when a project turns out just right? I had that. Or maybe it was the paint fumes. Hard to say.

In a few minutes it was dry and the glass looked perfectly frosted. It was even. Not splotchy. I gave it a couple more touch up coats. And the nice thing, I found, is that any overspray can be quickly wiped up. It looked just like white dust, kind of. I thought spray painting inside would be a recipe for disaster. This was definitely not disastrous!


I was thrilled. I went downstairs and did the little window in the downstairs bathroom too. I’m even going to do the window that’s in the hallway, right outside our bathroom and bedroom. I might go crazy with this glass frosting. I might even do our side door, so I can get rid of the little burlap curtain that’s hanging over it (that looks charming but blocks light).

And the best part. It’s removable. I didn’t clean the first window enough, and a spot of something was stuck on it. I think paint. It bugged me. So I scrapped it off with my fingernail, scrapping off a piece of the frosted paint stuff too. Then I just went back and sprayed lightly over it. You can’t tell. I love this frosted glass stuff. You could use a stencil to make a pattern. Or tape stripes and have frosted stripes.

For less than $5, I was able to frost a bunch of windows! Privacy without sacrificing light. Rustoleum for the win.

Make sure you use this stuff with good ventilation, though. A mask would be recommended. Bring in a fan. Definitely open the window. It is spray paint. Stuff will kill some brain cells.

We tested it last night and it really works! If you’re on the toilet, a person standing on the road, staring in the window, can’t see you. From outside, you can barely see a (very vague) silhouette when someone walks by the window. You can only really be seen if you press yourself against the window. And since neither of us have a habit of doing that, I think we’re good to go!

Pretty great stuff, that Rustoleum Frosted Glass spray paint! (And no, I’m not paid to say that. But nice people at Rustoleum, if you see this, I do love your products!)

Now let’s back up a bit, and take a look at what the bathroom was like when we moved in…


Two toned walls, again. And dirty dirty dirty. Also a horrible photograph.

Want to see how pretty it is now?


For the last 1.5 years, I’ve been slowly working on the bathroom. I first painted it white. Then when I had extra paint leftover from the downstairs bath (which is also on one wall in the kitchen), I painted it again. Barley by Benjamin Moore. I love the color.

I hung towel bars. We added shelves. I organized. A couple rugs from Ikea. Pulling it together, slowly but surely.

Oh, back up again. Remember how I painted a frame around the mirror in the downstairs bath? I did the same in this bathroom.


I went right up from the vanity again. And I included the light at the top. The light was grungy. The previous tenant got paint all over it. So I actually painted it white to freshen it up. And now it matches the “frame” and doesn’t look half bad! It blends in nicely!



The shelves that are over the toilet are from Ikea. It’s actually just two long shelf brackets, that have space for 3 shelf boards. It’s nice, because you only have to screw it into the wall in 4 spaces (instead of having to hang individual shelves). I can’t remember exactly how much it was, but I know it was very inexpensive. I really like Ikea!




This glass bottle is from Ikea. Can you guess what it’s holding? Mouthwash!


This art is perfect for a bathroom. I found it at TJ Maxx a couple years ago. It’s a painting done on the back of plexiglass.


The rugs are from Ikea. I think they were something like $3 a piece! The floor grate for the air return was all grungy, so I cleaned it off and spray painted it black. I made the shower curtain from $1/yard fabric I’d found at Walmart. Very simple. It’s hanging on a tension rod. The shower curtain liner is behind it on a real shower curtain rod.



Another Pellegrino bottle holding pretty things, like in the downstairs bath.

Plants are some of my favorite decor. Even in the bathroom.


Q-tips in a pretty little container.

And thrift store pictures that finally have a home!

Well, there’s our upstairs bathroom! What do you think? I hope you enjoyed the tour. Don’t be shy.. I’d love love love to hear from you! If you have any comments or questions, ask away! Leave a comment and make me smile :) Hope you’ve had a happy Wednesday!

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  1. I just love the simplicity of your decorating but yet it feels so refined and homey. It’s also really encouraging to see how you update your home in budget-friendly ways. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed at all of the projects I want to do, and just end up in paralysis, doing nothing. But small changes go a LONG way! :) Thanks for your inspiration.

    • Caitlin, you are so kind! Thank you :) I think it’s a fun challenge to decorate on a budget (which is the only way I can decorate, if I want to do it)! I get overwhelmed at my to do list, too! But if I just do one thing, I usually get encouraged and motivated and keep going! This morning I woke up at 6:30am (before my alarm and my kid) because I was so excited to finish the bathroom… crazy. You’re so right- small changes do go a long way! Thanks for such kind, encouraging words :)

  2. I think this may be one of my favorite rooms in your house, Katy! Love the 3 frames squeezed in to the left of the mirror, love the white around the mirror, and love that you didn’t feel the need to cover the window with a curtain! Keep up the good work. xoxo -Melissa

    • Thank you so much Melissa! I loved reading about life in London and your traveling… and when Gabe’s in bed, I’m going to read about how to take care of his teeth :) Thanks (in advance) for the info!

  3. I have a half bath on the middle floor with no window …so I was searching for a way to make a french door frosted…didn’t know I could do it so easily with a spray can…I am also placing a window pane of glass at the top for light on the side wall of the bathroom but will frost it with some sort of stencil…I have found so many great ideas for this 90 yr old house…and I keep looking for other ways to finish it using every in of space I can find…people like you are a wonderful gift..thanks,Pat

    • What a kind comment Pat! Thank you. I didn’t know frosting a window was so easy, until I saw the can at Home Depot and decided to give it a go! And it’s still holding up great. I will say- it’s quite stinky. If I do it again, I will wear a good ventilator mask. Your house sounds so neat! 90 years old with french doors on the middle floor bathroom- Sounds like it has lots of character! Have a wonderful day. Good luck frosting!

  4. thank you for this informative post! :)

  5. Here are your IKEA shelves, for others’ reference. I’m in the process of decorating our new basement bathroom, so I looked them up.


  6. I really like your idea for the frosted glass. I have an idea to take it one step further. Your Q Tip container gave me the idea. you could frost thrift shop glass containers also! anyway, it’s just a thought.

    • That’s a great idea! The possibilities are probably endless of the things you could frost. Might have to try a glass jar soon!

  7. Hi! We saw your post and tried Rustoeum in our bathroom. Unfortunately we didn’t have so much luck – it has all cracked after a few weeks and we are going to have to scrape it off and try window film.

    It looked good though for the first week!!

    • Oh man Charlotte I’m so sorry it didn’t work so well for you! Bummer about the cracking. I wonder why it did that? The frosting has been on our windows since I put it up and it’s holding up great! So sorry yours didn’t last!

  8. Love it. Question on the frosted spray. I’ve seen this used on tv several times, but have noticed sometimes you can see it’s uneven, you can see the spray pattern, so i’ve shied away from using it. I didn’t know if it depended on the brand or the user, ha! It’s hard to tell in your pic. Does it look even or are there some places where it’s heavier than others? Does that make sense? I’m hoping it’s just the brand because I’d love to remove the blinds from our two garage windows which get gross fast and spray those windows. I was going to buy that film which I’ve used before successfully, but it’s definitely a lot more expensive. I’d appreciate any input.

    • Hey Lisa! I had to do several coats of the spray, but it is even! It would have bugged me big time if it looked blotchy :) I did several light coats, like when using spray paint, and the covering is even and consistent. And it wasn’t even hard to use! Hope that helps! Good luck with your garage windows. I’d say to give it a try! It’s definitely cheaper than the film! :)

  9. I absolutely LOVE your new bathroom! Looking to do a faux-frosted-glass to my glass shower doors to add some privacy and I found this. Did a great job with the decor and paint! Really, it’s a very cozy bathroom! And I love the bottle for mouthwash and the frosted container for q-tips! I have a decanter for my mouthwash but I think now I want to find something more vintage – LOVE VINTAGE!

    My website got hacked so I’m redoing it from scratch but soon I’ll have the before/after pics of my bathroom, it’s really finally coming together!!

    Good job fellow decor-ista!

  10. I have two long narrow windows with amber bubble glass from the 70’s. Could I frost them on both sides to save money not replacing the glass or would it be too Wierd?

  11. I want to do the same to my bathroom window so your post is really interesting. I already tried the plastic window frosting about a year ago, but because the windows are in the bathroom and are single glazed the frosting peeled off after about 6 months. I was very disappointed at the film was quite expensive and it did look lovely when it was first done. I just wondered if you could tell me if this paint has lasted? I want to try it but I’m worried it won’t last with condensation etc.

  12. Thanks, thanks, thanks for the Rust-Oleum frosted glass tip, I can’t wait to go and get it and try it. I was one of the crazy ones that brought that stick on window cover which is now on the floor, does not stick at all. I also like the mouthwash in a bottle like that, will be stealing that also. Thanks for the tips.

  13. omg I been searching the internet looking for ways to make our big window private without breaking the bank (we just broke it when we bought the house ughh lol) thank you!! I just sent my husband to get a can and get to working!!

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