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I’m on a roll this week, checking things off my to do list. I’m so grateful for beautiful weather and good health and productive days! Yesterday and today I was busy giving our laundry closet some love. Anyone else have a laundry closet in the kitchen? While I am a fan of laundry being on the same floor as the dirty clothes (for us, upstairs with the bedrooms) I’m just glad we have a washer and dryer in our house. It’s in a closet, smack dab in the kitchen. Which, I suppose can be nice, since I can do laundry while I’m doing kitchen things, too. So it does have some advantages. Take a peak at the pretty closet…


Ready for the whole story? Here it goes…

The closet was kind of an eye sore. I gave it a quick coat of paint many months ago (in a pale green) which was a little improvement, but it was mostly neglected (especially because the frequency of doing laundry in this house needs to be severely increased) and a completely unorganized space.


Uninspired and junky, wouldn’t you say?

I set out to give it a facelift for $0. Sometimes I have a plan when I start a project. Other times I just go with it and hope it comes to me. This was half and half.

I gathered my leftover white paint and gave the walls a fresh coat of paint. I thought about doing a color, but I decided on white to brighten the space (and also because our kitchen is black, which I love, and a white laundry closet would compliment it nicely).


I knew I wanted to do something fun to the walls. But I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on it. (A stencil or something intricate wasn’t going to happen.)  I got my large circle hole punch (the circles are maybe an inch) and some black paper and started punching out black circles. Then I went around and stuck them to the walls in an uneven pattern. Some close together. Some far apart. Just random.

I had some cardboard boxes that fit perfectly on the wire shelves, and I gave them a quick coat of white paint. Then I covered them in different fabrics I had laying around. The leaf fabric is from Ikea. The burlap was leftover from a burlap coffee sack that I cut to fit in a frame. And the other one is a rice bag. Rice. How appropriate.




I spray painted a small basket silver to hold bug sprays and sun screens. I had this tan basket thing I’d gotten at a thrift store a while ago and decided to give it a permanent home holding sad socks. Aka socks that lost their mate. We have a lot of those. I have a green vase for loose change. And frequently used spray bottles are hanging from the shelf.


I spray painted the lids of mason jars gold (because I’m fancy like that) and use the jars to hold extra cleaning supplies, instead of having huge ugly plastic containers to store. I labeled them with tiny circle stickers.

I wrapped a metal tin with rope (and hot glue), and it holds other cleaning supplies and bleach.


Our bike helmets are having from hooks in the ceiling.

The floral painting is something I found at a thrift store many months ago. I painted the frame black and it adds some cheer to the closet. I also have my cute apron (thanks Mom!) hanging in the closet.

I spray painted a laundry basket, that sits on the dryer, to hold any dirty clothes/rags that are downstairs. I won’t let it pile up. I won’t let it pile up. I won’t let it pile up.


And my favorite little diy is the cover I made for the fire extinguisher. Definitely a good thing to have. But not pretty.


I took an old cardboard box that had been used for many things, most recently to spray paint on. I cut cardboard to size and made a box using duct tape. Then I hot glued fabric around it. The box doesn’t have a bottom or a back. The top sits/hangs right on top of the extinguisher, hiding it oh so perfectly. But if we ever needed it, you could toss the box off quickly and have access to the extinguisher. I made the cover and then stood staring at it. Smiling. So pleased with myself. It’s the simple things, am I right?


I love the laundry closet now. And I think it’ll make me more likely to do the laundry. Well, one can only hope!


How do you decorate or organize your laundry space? Or is it one of things on you to do list that is just waiting to happen?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. See you back here on Monday!

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