May 252013

I’m back! And very very grateful to have a camera that works! You can expect more consistent posting now. I have a list of projects waiting to share with you! The first one, today, is a simple diy earring holder.


I’ve been on an organizing spree and recently spent some time sorting through my jewelry. I had an earring holder than I made from a frame and some screen, but it hasn’t gotten a lot of use. It wasn’t super convenient. I had to take it off the wall put attach earrings that have backs. And it also couldn’t hold all my earrings. I don’t have a ton, but it was a smaller frame.

My solution was simple, I think it’s pretty cute, and it should be functional, too!

My Supplies:

two push pins

two small wooden bamboo dowel rod things (how’s that for specific?)

shipping labels

and a large needle and a cork trivet (for poking holes in the labels for the earrings)


What I Did:

I poked two holes in each shipping label, for the earrings to hang through. I adjusted where the holes were on the labels considering the size of the earrings. I used a large embroidery needle to make the holes, and put the labels on top of a cork trivet so the needle wasn’t poking through and damaging anything. Then I tied the string on the label with a knot near the end, and I hung the labels on the dowel rod stick thing. I used two dowels to make it a little sturdier.

I decided where to hang it in our room (above my nightstand). I used two push pins, stuck in the wall (they make pretty small holes) for the dowels to rest on. When I want to pack earrings, I can just slide the labels off the dowels and pack the earrings that way. I think I’ll sew a little bag that can hold the labels and earrings.


Pretty simple, don’t you think? If you don’t have shipping labels, you could cut card stock to size, punch a hole in the top and use some twine/yarn for hanging. I think I’m going to like (and use) this new earring holder! How do you have your jewelry organized?

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

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  1. Hi i used the tin of baby formular and organise my earings on it. Took the plastic lid off and put some small holes on the top lid thingy… For the earings that does not hang hang and needs to be pushed in, i made small holes with a needle on the side of the tin, the hand can then easily be put inside the tin to attach the back of the earing plus the inside of the tin came in handy for my bracelets…..

  2. very cute! wish I could pin this posting

    • Is it not letting you pin it? Hm.. I’ll have to look into that! Thanks Natalie!

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