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Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a fun weekend. We spent ours with my Mom and Dad (lovingly called Bada and Boom), at their house. Their amazing house. They built it the year I got married. Moved in a couple months before the wedding. 5 years ago. In and out, it is so them and I love it. My Mom acted as the general contractor and her attention to detail can’t be missed. The whole place is thoughtful, well used, beautiful and just. so. them. We love visiting. (Their house is great, but they’re ever greater). I snapped a couple pictures while we were down and thought I’d share them today.


When you drive up the driveway, you’re greeted by this lovely view. The detached garage is connected to the house with a covered breezeway.


Mom loves cobalt blue and it shows up frequently in and around their home.


She inspires me with her green thumb. Everything is just so pretty.


Silver mound artemesia. Lovely. One of my favorites.


I love their blue doors. There are beautiful walking trails around their property, and on one walk, Mom picked a blue flower. She loved the color, so she took it into the paint store, had them color match it, and painted the garage door (above) and the back door in the blue flower color. I can’t remember the name of the flower, but it looks great on the doors.


She has a little garden area by the back door (which is also by a hot tub and a really cool outdoor shower). She made a fence out of branches and bent them in arches around the garden area. The still grow leaves. I think the fence is called a wattle fence? Maybe? That could be totally wrong.


They have a cozy wood stove (except it’s gas) and the house is filled with my Grandma’s (my Mom’s mom) paintings. That Christmas cactus is probably the largest and oldest one ever in the history of Christmas cactuses. It like 20 years old or something crazy. And it’s huge. And still blooms!


Another one of my Grandma’s paintings, hanging near the kitchen (it’s a very open layout floor plan). Tristan actually built the kitchen cabinets. He was working at a custom cabinet shop when they built the house. See the branches on the open shelves? Mom cut them from the property when they were building, peeled the bark off, sealed them, and had them used as shelf supports. Awesome. What you can’t see is the greenhouse window beside the shelf. And on the other side of the window is another shelf like this.


The deck is one my favorite places. The hanging chairs are so comfy. The flowers and plants are so beautiful. The blue glass is so charming. And the view isn’t too bad either. (You can’t really see the view and the mountains in this picture).



The deck railing is made from pipes! Gabe started to climb it once (actually just put one foot on the bottom rung) and we all FREAKED out. Which freaked him out. Which is good. And now he knows that climbing it, even thinking about climbing it, is like the worst possible thing he could do ever in his 3 years of life.




Their house is one of my favorite places. And they are two of my favorite people.


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