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How is it Friday already? Anyone else think this week has flown by? Our anniversary festivities last week were so fun. I can’t wait to share some pictures. I’m not really a girly girl, but I have to say, getting hair and makeup done and wearing a gorgeous gown was quite fun. Not to mention getting a two night getaway and spending the whole day with my guy. Pretty sweet! Bonus points- Gabe came home mostly potty trained. Nothing like 5 days with Bada and Boom (aka my parents), some ‘frinkles’ (sprinkles) for motivation and special books and toys. Mom could make money with Bada’s Summer Potty Training Camp. We’d had so little success at home with potty training. She has the magic touch. Thanks Mom!


I have a list of projects to share. I go through phases where the inspiration, creativity and productivity is flowing. And then other times when it’s seriously lacking. I’m happy to say I’m in a creative, inspired phase. And it feels good! Maybe that’s one of the reasons the week seems to have flown by. The project today isn’t a completely original idea. And I definitely didn’t do the brunt of the work. Let’s give credit where credit is due- a huge THANK YOU, Poppytalk! But it’s simple and something you can do too.

If you follow me on Pinterest (which you totally should) you might remember seeing this pin. Printable botanical art from Poppytalk. So charming. I frequently find printables, but rarely print them. Something about these made me go for it. I didn’t have any card stock, so I used regular printer paper. I was hesitant, because I thought it’d look cheap- like I printed something on cheap paper with a cheap printer (which is exactly what I was doing). But after printing the first one, I was sold. They look great (even on cheap paper with a cheap printer that was low on colored ink)! (You can tell my ink was running low… the leaves turn a bit blue at the bottom.) If you want to get all fancy, they’d look even better if they were printed somewhere with a high quality printer and paper.


I had clipboards from the dollar store (so they were $1/each). They had black plastic clips on the sides on the metal clip part, but they pop off easily. (So if you find clipboards at the dollar store and don’t like the black plastic on the metal, try to pop it off). I thought about painting the clipboards, but I like them just the way they are.



I hung the art over Gabe’s little table in the dining room. The blank wall needed something and this was perfect!



I love the way it turned out. Cozy and inviting. A little bit of color in that corner. But it goes with the theme of my dining room. Well, can a theme be ‘plants’? Because that’s my theme. Can’t wait to share the dining room makeover soon!



I put little roles of tape (couldn’t find my double sided tape anywhere) on the backs of each corner, to hold them down and keep the pages from curling up. I used small copper nails to hang the clipboards on the wall.




And if I ever get tired of the art, I can easily switch it out. Although, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I really like them. The only change I might make is to print them out on better paper, depending on how they hold up.

So, since I had all the supplies, this little art grouping cost me $0! Can’t beat that. I’m so happy with how it turned out. Thanks again Poppytalk. Head over here to print your own!


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  1. Those look great! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to go check out Poppytalk’s site and think about where to hang them in our house. :)

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