Aug 092013


Have you been to the Etsy shop yet? I’ve been so excited and encouraged with the kind words about the rings and how they’re selling already. While I was making the first several orders, I decided to slip a fourth ring into each set of 3. And that’s when I got the idea to offer a fourth ring to the next four orders (to minimum orders of a set of 3).

Head over to the Etsy shop, madebyRICE, to order your handmade rings and get a fourth ring as a gift! When four orders have been placed, the listing will expire. But don’t worry, you can still order a regular set of 3… and that’s still a sweet gift (for yourself or a friend)!

Here’s the direct link to the listing that included the gift! Just click [here].

 August 9, 2013  Posted by at 08:26 madebyRICE

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