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Happy Friday! Thanks for stopping by. Blogging has taken a back seat lately, as I’m sure you can tell. I do want to get back into it, but there are only so many hours in the day! I originally said I wanted to post 3 times a week. That clearly hasn’t happened. And I just don’t know if that’s even a realistic goal for me right now. I have a new part time job (doing some food photography- so fun) so as I settle into that position, hopefully things will get to a new normal around here. I’m also working on stocking up on some inventory for the Etsy shop (have you seen the new color cowls?!) and another local shop that I sell in, The Lady Jane! Life has been busy and fun. A blessing!


I was sitting on the sofa this morning, sipping my coffee, and staring at our wall of art. Looking at this wall makes me smile. There are a couple paintings with special sentimental value. The floral painting was done by my grandmother. She was so talented. And the silhouette art was done by my sweet sister in law. It’s Gabe about a year ago and was such a thoughtful gift.


I filled this wall with art to hide the breaker box, which is behind the riceland bag and the floral painting. But I love all the frames grouped closely together, taking up most of the wall. They also help hide/disguise the TV a bit. I don’t love having the TV in the living room, but we really enjoy watching a movie or show some evenings. We don’t have cable, but we do have a Roku device with Netflix!



This silhouette is one of my favorite pieces of art in our home. Kelli, my sister in law, is so talented. She took a photograph of Gabe standing in front of a bright window, then painted his silhouette on the canvas. Free hand. The detail and accuracy is pretty incredible. She even added some depth and ‘antiquing’ to the white part of the canvas. I love it.


(Above- a silhouette of her oldest daughter)

She sells these custom silhouettes in her Etsy shop! You can even see the original photograph and the accuracy of her painting. What a sweet way to mark the beginning of the school year- with a silhouette painting of your child(ren)!

Through the month of September, you can get 10% off your custom silhouette painting using coupon code FALLFACES10!



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  1. Hi!!!!!!

    I was looking at your site and you gave me a lots of ideas – to organize my laundry.

    Thanks a lot.

    Puerto Rico

  2. Where do you find your rice/burlap bags??? Love them framed!

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