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Gosh! 4 months. That went quickly. Let’s see if I remember how to do this….


Life got busy (doesn’t it always) and, to be completely honest, I gave up a little on blogging. I enjoyed it. But I felt a lot of pressure (self inflicted) to have perfect projects, perfect photos, perfect home tours… perfect. Oh dear. Not what this is all about. And definitely not what life is all about! I wanted to get back into it, but I just wasn’t going for it. Then the other day, December 27th to be exact, I got on Facebook. At the the top of my news feed I saw a post from Young House Love. It was a link to their most recent post. A reader redesign post. It took a second for me to realize that the photo I was looking at was one I took. Gabe’s room. I freaked out. I’d submitted Gabe’s room as a reader redesign months ago. I kinda thought it was a long shot. After all, they’re YHL and I’m sure they get hundred of submissions. Well, what a sweet late Christmas gift to see Gabe’s room on their site… and to read what they thought of it. Someone pinch me!

I won’t lie- I guess that was the nudge I needed. I love being crafty. I love decorating and making our house a home. I love doing it and sharing it with others. Not in a braggy, “look what I did and look how great my house and life is” kind of way, but in a way to (hopefully) inspire and share with others. I love being a stay at home Mom. It’s challenging and fun. Making the house pretty is definitely far down on the list of priorities of what’s truly important, but it’s fun and something I really enjoy! And it’s also fun to share ideas with others, especially ideas that pretty much everyone can do, regardless of budget. (I know I love seeing what other people do with their homes.)

The ‘nudge’ came at just the right time. As Gabe would say, “Mommy has a BABY in she’s tummy!” I sure do. We’re thrilled. But for the past 10 weeks, this sweet baby has made me a bit sick. I’m so happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The all day sickness is lifting and only occasionally do I feel gross. My energy started coming back just in time for Christmas! We’d been in survival mode for those 10(ish) weeks and I’m so grateful we’re moving beyond that.

I don’t know exactly what the blog is going to look like. I don’t know exactly how often I’ll be posting. It’ll be a collection of round up and inspiration posts, diy projects, our home (which happens to be a rental), how we’re preparing for baby 2, life with a (just turned) 4 year old, and who knows what else. When I started the blog I read a lot about the ‘blog business’. What to do and what not to do. And pretty much everything I just said was in the ‘what not to do’ category (you need to have a specific posting schedule, you need to have a target audience and a specific niche….). Maybe it’ll turn into that, but for now I’m just going to go with it! So, that’s where things are over here. I hope you’ll follow along! And share things with me, too!


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  1. Katy, whatever and whenever you have time to share is terrific. And so is the news of your second child! Congratulations :-)

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