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Anyone else enjoying a rainy Saturday? Sometimes, rainy days are kind of nice. A perfect day to be an introvert and snuggle on the sofa…. and scheme about some fun new projects in the house! While I’m scheming I thought I’d share something I did last week.

I got the painting urge on Thursday. Oh that painting urge. Oh that darn leftover paint! These are far from ‘finished’ photos. I snapped them on my phone, but I thought I’d share anyway. Hopefully soon, I’ll put the finishing touches on the space and the sun will come out so I can take some proper pictures.


This is the upstairs hallway. The photo on the left is right after we moved in, with the ‘original’ green. The photo on the right was from Thursday. It’s the second time I painted this wall (the first time it was red). You might recognize the yellow from our bathrooms. I’d kinda given up on this little space. It was blah. Boring. Small. I didn’t know what to do to make it any better.

Duh, paint it black! When it doubt…. a black wall is always a good idea. And since I had the painting urge and that leftover paint, this was perfect.


It literally took 20 minutes (maybe less) to paint this baby. Part of Gabe’s nap time. So fast. Definitely fast enough for me to paint it and get the hallway back in order before Tristan can home. It’s always a good idea to have the place relatively back in order when I impulsively decide to paint something!

Processed with VSCOcam

Gabe gives it a thumbs up. There are a couple things left to do. I decided to hang a curtain inside the window frame (on a tension rod- I like being able to see all the window trim) so I need to take down the curtain bracket hook things (and probably touch up the paint). I plan to hang a clock above the mirror and that painting below the mirror. I’m not sure about keeping the bench there. I like it in front of the black wall (and I could set plants on it) but there’s not a lot of space up there as it is, and the bench isn’t really necessary. I should also probably touch up the trim paint, but let’s be honest, I’m not sure if that’ll happen!

I love the contrast of the black wall. I like looking out of our bedroom and seeing it. The little things that make me smile. A black wall.

Have you painted anything recently? Anything you’ve done in your home and you wondered why you didn’t do it sooner?


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  1. I LOVE the black wall! So classy looking! I am considering painting my hollow-core interior doors black and adding a little bit of trim work to them. I am dying to paint something black now :)

    I recently found your blog and it’s been fun to read! :)

    • Aw thanks so much, Lettie! I say go for the doors. I love a painted door! I’ve painted 2 doors (and the trim around them) in our house a lighter gray and love them! You’ve got me thinking which door I could paint black now :)

  2. Katie, LOVE it.. though I was very distracted by that cute little boy in the picture.. How can I look at anything else with him right there???

  3. That black wall really works beautifully! It looks tailored and yet there is enough light that it is not overwhelming. Classy but not stuffy~

  4. I love this!!!

  5. so pretty. Love the dark wall and touch of greenery

  6. so pretty. Love the dark wall and touch of greenery

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