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Apr 242013

We’re so grateful to have two full bathrooms in our house. One is downstairs. It’s the one overnight guests use, and it also has a tub for the kid. (Check out this post to see the before and after and an easy diy. And check out this post to see how I made a custom sized rug for the bathroom.)

I’m really excited about today’s post. It’s kind of a double feature. A DIY and a before and after/bathroom tour. Sneak peak, shall we? And then I’ll get to the details…


I’m grateful that both of our bathrooms have windows in them. It’s nice for light and fresh air. But it’s not so nice for privacy. Especially when one window is right in front of the toilet. And you live in the city. And it’s a window at the front of the house. Not ideal.


toilet and window. what privacy?

The window had a mini blind on it, but I’m not much of a mini blind fan. They get dirty and tangled and… eh. For a little while, I had a sheer-ish curtain in front of the mini blind, just to make it pretty. But it also blocked a lot of light. And, when I wanted to open the window, there was that whole privacy issue.

A couple weeks ago I was in Home Depot. How I love Home Depot. I’m a regular. I know the paint ladies by name. They know me. And Gabriel. I go in there a lot, even if it’s just to wander around. So many things and so many possibilities! And it smells good. The smell of potential projects. And lumber.

I’m rambling.

A couple weeks ago, during my wandering, I was looking at the wall of spray paint. So many options. Something caught my eye. Rustoleum Frosted Glass spray paint. I was intrigued. I’d been thinking of a way to add privacy to our bathroom windows without spending much money (window film was a bit more than I wanted to spend). I saw this tutorial on Design Sponge, but the supplies I could find wouldn’t give me enough privacy. For less than $5, this can of frosted glass spray paint looked promising. Or at least interesting. So I got one.


I think it was my project on Monday, when I finally made my custom sized rug for our downstairs bathroom, that got me in the mood to tackle some projects in the bathrooms. One of those projects being the frosted glass spray.

So when Gabriel took a nap, I got to work.

I read the instructions. Cleaned the glass with soap and water. Or just water. And a sock. I was too lazy to find a washcloth.

And then I taped around the window.

And I started spraying. Light, even coats. Can held about a foot away. Slight overlap. I was half expecting (ok, maybe more than half) that it would come out splotchy and weird and I’d be grumbling as I scrapped it off. But much to my pleasant surprise, it was amazing! Really. You know the high you get when a project turns out just right? I had that. Or maybe it was the paint fumes. Hard to say.

In a few minutes it was dry and the glass looked perfectly frosted. It was even. Not splotchy. I gave it a couple more touch up coats. And the nice thing, I found, is that any overspray can be quickly wiped up. It looked just like white dust, kind of. I thought spray painting inside would be a recipe for disaster. This was definitely not disastrous!


I was thrilled. I went downstairs and did the little window in the downstairs bathroom too. I’m even going to do the window that’s in the hallway, right outside our bathroom and bedroom. I might go crazy with this glass frosting. I might even do our side door, so I can get rid of the little burlap curtain that’s hanging over it (that looks charming but blocks light).

And the best part. It’s removable. I didn’t clean the first window enough, and a spot of something was stuck on it. I think paint. It bugged me. So I scrapped it off with my fingernail, scrapping off a piece of the frosted paint stuff too. Then I just went back and sprayed lightly over it. You can’t tell. I love this frosted glass stuff. You could use a stencil to make a pattern. Or tape stripes and have frosted stripes.

For less than $5, I was able to frost a bunch of windows! Privacy without sacrificing light. Rustoleum for the win.

Make sure you use this stuff with good ventilation, though. A mask would be recommended. Bring in a fan. Definitely open the window. It is spray paint. Stuff will kill some brain cells.

We tested it last night and it really works! If you’re on the toilet, a person standing on the road, staring in the window, can’t see you. From outside, you can barely see a (very vague) silhouette when someone walks by the window. You can only really be seen if you press yourself against the window. And since neither of us have a habit of doing that, I think we’re good to go!

Pretty great stuff, that Rustoleum Frosted Glass spray paint! (And no, I’m not paid to say that. But nice people at Rustoleum, if you see this, I do love your products!)

Now let’s back up a bit, and take a look at what the bathroom was like when we moved in…


Two toned walls, again. And dirty dirty dirty. Also a horrible photograph.

Want to see how pretty it is now?


For the last 1.5 years, I’ve been slowly working on the bathroom. I first painted it white. Then when I had extra paint leftover from the downstairs bath (which is also on one wall in the kitchen), I painted it again. Barley by Benjamin Moore. I love the color.

I hung towel bars. We added shelves. I organized. A couple rugs from Ikea. Pulling it together, slowly but surely.

Oh, back up again. Remember how I painted a frame around the mirror in the downstairs bath? I did the same in this bathroom.


I went right up from the vanity again. And I included the light at the top. The light was grungy. The previous tenant got paint all over it. So I actually painted it white to freshen it up. And now it matches the “frame” and doesn’t look half bad! It blends in nicely!



The shelves that are over the toilet are from Ikea. It’s actually just two long shelf brackets, that have space for 3 shelf boards. It’s nice, because you only have to screw it into the wall in 4 spaces (instead of having to hang individual shelves). I can’t remember exactly how much it was, but I know it was very inexpensive. I really like Ikea!




This glass bottle is from Ikea. Can you guess what it’s holding? Mouthwash!


This art is perfect for a bathroom. I found it at TJ Maxx a couple years ago. It’s a painting done on the back of plexiglass.


The rugs are from Ikea. I think they were something like $3 a piece! The floor grate for the air return was all grungy, so I cleaned it off and spray painted it black. I made the shower curtain from $1/yard fabric I’d found at Walmart. Very simple. It’s hanging on a tension rod. The shower curtain liner is behind it on a real shower curtain rod.



Another Pellegrino bottle holding pretty things, like in the downstairs bath.

Plants are some of my favorite decor. Even in the bathroom.


Q-tips in a pretty little container.

And thrift store pictures that finally have a home!

Well, there’s our upstairs bathroom! What do you think? I hope you enjoyed the tour. Don’t be shy.. I’d love love love to hear from you! If you have any comments or questions, ask away! Leave a comment and make me smile :) Hope you’ve had a happy Wednesday!

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Apr 232013

*Updated 4/24/2013*

If you’re anything like me, you have a project list that rarely shrinks but always grows. It must have been my project yesterday that got me in the mood to do some of my ‘to-do’ projects in the bathroom. They’re nothing big, but they make a pretty big impact! I’m really excited about the project I’ll share tomorrow (I frosted 3 windows for less than $5.. and you can too).

We’re blessed to have 2 full bathrooms. Each has a big, frameless mirror. I really like when bathrooms have beautiful framed mirrors in them. Like so…



Better Homes and Gardens

Ok, this bathroom has a lot more than just beautiful mirrors!

I’d love to do what Young House Love did and build a frame around our builders grade typical big mirror. But I wanted a cheaper and easier fix for the time being. Before I get ahead of myself, here’s a before picture… Kudos to me for remember to take these!


Check out that cute little photo bomb. Kid loves his binoculars. He also loves the whistle that came with his binoculars. I prefer the binoculars.

So there’s the big mirror. I got out my painters tape and taped how wide I wanted the frame. I went right up from the vanity. Did I use a level? Of course not. But my eye balling skills are sharp. Thankfully. Then the paint. It took two coats.

And when I peeled the tape back, I smiled.


Isn’t it pretty?! I also painted the outlet cover white. I will never understand why builders use those beige outlets instead of white. The nightlight cover a lot of it. Maybe one day I’ll get a white outlet cover at the store. But for now, the painted one is fine.

But I’m getting ahead of myself again….

I’m quite fond of the color that’s in the bathroom now. I think it’s called Barley. It’s soothing and neutral while still being a color. And it’s the second color I painted the bathroom. I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked the first color. It was horrible. Really dreadful. It was, however, better (though not by much) than the horrible two toned walls that were in the bathroom when we moved in.


Horrid. I should have had my paint picking privileges revoked after this. (I’ll update tomorrow with pictures from when we moved in. Two walls were a light blue. Two were a dark blue. And it was filthy. Disgustingly filthy. Those pictures are on Tristan’s computer.) *Updated 4/24 with pictures!*



Ew? Ew. Parts of the baseboard were rotten. It was just filthy. Bless my Mom for giving it the initial deep cleaning. (The house is old, but was totally gutted and remodeled in 2005. They kept the beautiful cherry floors but updated basically everything else!)


But look how pretty it is now!



Ah, so much better. Oh, how I wish I had the original before pictures, from when we moved in, to add right now. But I’m too impatient to wait!



So there’s nothing really special about the toilet. But I wanted to take a second to talk about the practical parts of a bathroom. The plunger and the toilet bowl brush. Gross. Nobody likes to look at them. The plunger lives in a pretty flower pot that’s lined with aluminum foil (so I can change it if needed). It keeps it off the floor (because that would be gross) and kind of protected, so the shower curtain can’t rub into it. And the toilet bowl brush. I’m a frugal girl, but it was totally worth the extra several dollars to get one that came in a case. It’s protected so things don’t rub against it, and it just looks so much nicer and cleaner than having it out in the open.

I’m also a fan of art in the bathroom. And if it’s in a glass frame, it’s protected and easy to clean.



Our pretty little frosted window. It makes such a difference light-wise not having the curtain over the window. The frosting also blocks the view outside, which is where we keep our garbage cans. It’s mostly shielded from the road because the fence is there, so only at certain angles can you see in. It is a bit close to the back door, so if someone came to the door and you were a man, standing there, without anything over the window, it might be a bit awkward. It’s really nice to have it fake-frosted. Remember to check back tomorrow to see how I did that. Super easy. Super cheap.


I made a little fabric garland to hang around the window since there’s no curtain. And I used a Pellegrino bottle to hold some pretty things on the windowsill. You might notice that I don’t have my fabric scrap mason jars on the window sill anymore. They have a different home.



I was happy to realize that Gabe’s step stool fits perfectly between the vanity and the toilet. It’s out of the way and he can still climb there to wash his hands.



I made the mason jar holder with pipe clamps to hold some supplies for guests, since this is also the guest bathroom. And we made the towel bar hook. It’s an old piece of wood that my Grandma used when she would frame her paintings (she was an amazing artist). I’d been carrying a couple of them around. I also had that hook. So we used the hook and the piece of wood together to make a hand towel hook.

So, if you ever come stay with us, this will be your bathroom. Kinda cute, wouldn’t you say?! Have a happy day, friends!

Wall Color- Barley (Benjamin Moore) color matched in Behr paint (and when they did the color match, it turned out a little tanner/browner than the real Barley, which I really like)

Step Stool- Ikea (but I found this at a thrift store)

Rug- Ross, cut to my custom size


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Apr 222013

Happy Monday, friends! I want to share how I got a custom size rug and some cute little decorations for $7. Ready? Go!



I’d been searching for a rug for our downstairs bathroom for a little while. I wanted something with a little color and most importantly, something that would cover a big portion of the floor. I was at Ross one day, a couple months ago, and walked by the rug section. This rag rug caught my eye. Unlike most rag rugs I’ve seen, this one was colorful without screaming at you. The colors were perfect. (I usually go for more neutral decor, but in the bathroom downstairs, I wanted some color.) The length was perfect. But the width was about a foot too wide. Bummer. It was on sale for $7, so I brought it home anyway. I had an idea. I put it in the bathroom and folded it under to pretend it was the right width. It stayed like that for a couple weeks while I made sure I liked it. Once I was sure, I waited a couple more weeks to do anything about it. Normally I dive right into a project. I don’t know I dragged my feet so much on this one!



This morning, I brought the rug out to the living room and laid it flat. Without thinking too much about it, I started cutting the rug. I just kinda winged it and cut where it had been folded under. There was a crease that was easy to follow. I took it back to the bathroom to test the size. Still too wide. I brought it back to the living room and trimmed about an inch off. Test again. A tad too wide. Trim again. Test. Perfect.



When Gabe walked in and saw me cutting the rug he said, “Oh no Mommy! We don’t cut rugs! Daddy’s gonna come home and say, “You need to take a time out!” So then I explained to him that it was OK for Mommy to cut her rug. But he better not ever even think about it. Ever. Do as I say, not as I do. Kapish?

Once I got the size right, I sewed a straight line down the cut edge. I think this will keep it from unraveling. I also thought about adding some hot glue on the back, to hold it together even more. Not sure if I’ll do that or not. I’ve seen people put lines of caulk on the backs of rugs to keep them from sliding. It might be nice to do something like that to this rug. Maybe eventually.



I was left with all these little pieces of fabric from each trim. They were laying in a pile on the floor, looking all pretty in all their colorfulness. I got 3 mason jars and Gabriel had fun putting the pieces in the jars for me. He made me a ‘birfday cake’. And then, as nap time approached, the pieces got more and more scattered throughout the house. The crazy before the crash. We collected them and put them back in the jars, which are currently sitting on the windowsill in the bathroom.


of course I spray painted the lids gold.



Not too bad for $7, huh? I’m quite happy with the results. And my rug search is over! Would you or have you ever cut up a rug? If you’re looking for a very specific size, like I was, considering buying one that’s a little too big and hemming it! It works quite well with rag rugs!

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Apr 182013

New friends and old friends… welcome! Here’s a little round up of original RICE projects. If you’re here for the first time, I hope it gives you an idea of what this little blog is about. If you’re an old friend, here’s a trip down memory lane. Enjoy.. and have a happy day!



Starting at the top, left to right…

diy {pallet headboard} (featured on Poppytalk!)

perpetual birthday calendar {free printable}

diy {succulents in a can}

diy {rock place cards}

how to hide a taped paint line that isn’t crisp

diy {guitar hooks}

diy {coffee sack pattern art.. with a printable stencil}

diy {a rope pot for my Jade tree}

diy {road trip with a kid}

our home {Gabriel’s new big boy room} (featured on Apartment Therapy)

diy {rock picture clip}

diy {make a custom cover photo using Pixlr}

Which one is your favorite?

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Apr 172013

Ah, spring! Isn’t it lovely? I’ve been browsing some inspiration for our yard and thought I’d share some ideas for using pallets outside. I love pallets. And I love a good diy project. And since it’s spring, I love being outside. So this roundup brings all those things together!

pallet sofa


How amazing is this pallet sofa? And how cool would it be to have a sofa in the yard? You could take the cushions off and store them inside, but the frame (made out of pallet wood) could stay outside. This would be such a cozy place to share an iced coffee with a friend, while kids run around in the yard!



Here’s another take on a pallet sofa. This would be easier to make. Stack pallets, and plop a mattress on the top. I could see this working against our fence. Maybe we could use Gabe’s old crib mattress (and store it in the studio (outbuilding) whenever it’s not in use). Toss some pillows on it and it’d be cute and comfy, too!

pallet garden


I like this example of making a little garden using a pallet. Something like this would look charming around our deck. It’d be  perfect for a small space. (Check out the link to see how this pallet garden looks all filled in!)

pallet garden

Apartment Therapy

Another pallet garden. I do love how lush this one is, with each space filled in. If you use a pallet to grow veggies/fruits, make sure you use ones that are not chemically treated!


Design Sponge

I think it’d be really nice to have a little potting work station outside. This looks like it’d be simple enough to construct!


Apartment Therapy

I love this pallet table. If you find a pallet that’s in good shape, you could skip pulling it apart and use the whole pallet as a table top! And how about those chairs? They just look like inexpensive plastic ones, but they look quite nice around that table. The decorations and hanging lantern don’t hurt, either.

pallet playhouse

Playing House Full Time

And, perhaps best of all, a pallet playhouse. I’ve been looking at different kinds of pallet playhouses, gathering inspiration. I would love to make one for Gabe. I loved my playhouse as a kid, and as much as Gabe enjoys imaginative play, I think he’d love one, too. This one, over at Playing House Full Time, was made for less than $10! So cute.

pallet playhouse2

HGTV Gardens

My desire to build a pallet playhouse might be slightly selfish. Gabe would love it, yes. But so would I. I mean really. Look at that! The porch. The gutter planters. The big window. The sliding chalkboard door. I’m convinced. A pallet playhouse is going to be in our future! Now to get the husband on board…

Which idea do you like best? Would you use pallets for outside furniture? I’m pretty convinced we will!

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Apr 162013


I’m sure there are better ways to do this. I’m not the most technically gifted person (I prefer hot glue and spray paint). In my quest to design the blog, I read oodles and oodles of tutorials, and a lot were more advanced and/or written for people with photoshop or other programs. I thought I’d share this because I would have found a similar tutorial helpful! I was introduced to Pixlr through this tutorial by Girl’s Guide to Web Design. It’s a great tutorial. 

There was a time when I really wanted Photoshop. I saw all kind of tutorials for how to do cool things with photos, and they all used Photoshop. Maybe one day I’ll get it, but in the meantime I was thrilled to learn about a FREE online program called Pixlr. It’s awesome! And FREE! I haven’t ever used Photoshop so I can’t compare the two, but I’ve been able to do everything I’ve needed/wanted on Pixlr (and I’m sure there’s more that I haven’t even tried).

I’m going to share how I used Pixlr to make a Facebook cover photo (you can find me on Facebook [here]). You can use these general steps/techniques to make lots of different things- a header for your blog, a collage of photos for anything, a logo, a favicon. Lots of possibilities.

[The Prep Work]

I decided to use 4 photos in my cover photo. I gathered the pictures I wanted to use and put them in a separate album in iPhoto so they’d be easy to find. You might want to do the same.

[Let’s Get Started]

1. Go to pixlr.com. Choose ‘Open Pixlr editor (Advanced)’.

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 9.45.45 AM

2. Choose ‘Create a new image’.

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 9.46.12 AM

3. This is where you will set the size of your new image. A Facebook cover photo is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. So enter ‘851’ in width and ‘315’ in height. Then click OK.

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 9.46.28 AM

4. Now you’ll have a blank image that’s the exact size of a Facebook cover photo.

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 9.56.15 AM

5. Now go to ‘File- Open Image’. This is where you will get the pictures you want to use. If you have them in an easy to find place, it makes this step easier. Find and select your first image.

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 9.58.01 AM

6. The size of my picture is huge. You can see below it. Thousands of pixels tall and wide. That won’t work. Go to ‘Image- Image Size’. Type ‘315’ in the height. Make sure ‘constrain proportions’ is checked. (This will make sure everything is resized to scale, so the picture doesn’t get all funky and distorted). It will automatically change the width to 210. Then click OK.

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 10.00.34 AM

7. Now it’s going to make your picture look teeny tiny. See in the bottom left corner of the photo? It gives a percentage. Mine says 14%. You want to change it to 100%. Just double click on the number and type 100. Now you’re seeing the whole thing. Looks better.

8. Now go to ‘Edit- Select All’. You’ll see a little ant marching line climbing around your picture. That shows you that it’s all selected. Good. Then click ‘Edit- Copy’.

9. Now you want to click on the blank image you first created. Bring it to the front.

10. See the four little boxes on the right side? One is ‘Navigator’. One is ‘Layers’. One is ‘History’. The layers box just has background in it at this point. The 4th icon on the bottom of that box is for a new layer. Hover your mouse over it and it should say ‘new layer’. Click that. You want to put each image in it’s own layer. This will make it easier to move the images around individually. Think of it as having layers of tracing paper laying on each other. They’re clear, but you can move one without affecting the rest.

11. So now Layer 1 is showing in the Layers box. Make sure the Layer 1 box is checked. Then click back on your blank image. Go ‘Edit- Paste’. This will put the image that you copied onto your new image!

12. To move the image around, you need to make sure the ‘move tool’ is selected. In the picture below, my mouse is hovering over the move tool. Over there on the left. See? If you select the move tool, you can move your picture around. I’m going to put it on the right side of my image.

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 10.07.49 AM

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 10.09.49 AM

13. Then you can click on the image that you opened. The window that is behind the new image window. Go ahead and get rid of it. You don’t need it anymore. Click x. You don’t have to save the changes.

14. Then you’re going to repeat steps 5-12. Seems like a lot. It really isn’t. Especially when you get the hang of it. Do it a couple of times and it goes really fast!

I’ll walk you through it again.

15. Go ‘File- Open Image’. Select the next picture you want.

16. Once the image is opened you need to resize it. Go ‘Image- Image Size’. Type 315 in the height. Make sure ‘constrain proportions’ selected. It will automatically change the width to 210.

17. Your picture’s going to look teeny tiny. In the bottom left corner of the image, change the percentage to 100. Looks better now.

18. Go ‘Edit- Select All’. You’ll have the ant line marching around your picture. Then ‘Edit- Copy’.

19. Click back to your new image. Make sure you have a new layer selected. You can see what is on each layer by unchecking the box. When a box is unchecked, the layer won’t show up. The layer that is highlighted in blue is the layer you’ll be working on.

20. Go ‘Edit-Paste’. The picture will show up on your new image! Remember to choose the ‘move tool’ on the left and your can move your picture around. I moved my second picture over beside the first.

Let’s say I want to move the first image. I just have to click on the first image’s layer. I can easily identify what is on each layer by unchecking the box beside each layer and seeing what disappears! If I want to move the first image, make sure that layer is highlighted in blue, you have the move tool selected, and you can move it around!

Go ahead and close the window to the second picture you got. It just makes it less crowded to get rid of it.

Then do the same thing to get the last 2 pictures. Steps 15-20.

*You want to keep in mind that whatever picture you put on the far left, the bottom portion of that will be cut off by your profile picture.*

This is my finished product. You’ll notice that I moved around the pictures and have them spaced to show a little gap between each one. I think this makes it easier to look at. (I also went back to iPhoto to re crop the picture of the succulent).

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 10.51.45 AM

Now you just have to save your new image and then you can upload it to Facebook!

Go ‘File- Save’. Name the image. I’m calling mine ‘coverphoto’ as a JPEG file. How original! For Facebook, the file needs to be 100KB or less. So I adjusted the quality of the image so that the quality was as high as possible, without making the image file size too big. For my image, a quality of 90 gave me a 100KB image. Perfect! You can play around to see what quality gives you what KB size.

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 10.53.20 AM

Choose where you want the file saved. I saved mine to my desktop, so it’d be easy to find and upload to Facebook.

Then I uploaded it to my Facebook cover photo. Go ahead, check it out [here].

So what do you think? My first technical/computer tutorial. I hope it was helpful and easy to follow. If you haven’t used Pixlr, you should check it out. It really is a great online program, especially for those of us without Photoshop!

I’d love to hear some feedback on this tutorial. And if it helped you make anything, I’d love to see your creation!

Have a happy day!

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Apr 122013

I’m in the middle of my kitchen organization project. You probably think it’s a major overhaul kind of project, based on the time it’s taking me. It’s not. I just haven’t gotten to dedicate much time working on it. So it might be an anti-clamactic reveal! I have some cork tiles hanging on the wall. I love the texture of cork. But as I’ve been looking at them, part of me thinks I want to paint them. Shocking, right? Me? Paint something? Never!

Here are some photos that are inspiring me…



My cork board isn’t square like this (it’s 2 high and 4 wide, so basically two of these side by side), so I could do this pattern twice. Would it be too busy? I’m not sure. But I do like it.



This white, studded cork board is simple and I like that! I’m thinking about just painting my cork tiles solid white. I really like those black clips against the white. My cork doesn’t have a frame, but that’s OK.



This cork was painted with black chalkboard paint and put in that great gold frame. Check out the link for great directions on how they did this. I don’t think this would work in the kitchen, but I might have to find another place to do this!



I’ve also considered doing wide stripes on the cork. Isn’t this a cute little nursery?


{source unknown. do you know where it’s from?}

I really like this gray board. The more I think about it, the more I’m leaning towards painting it a solid color. Probably white.

What do you think? Do you like a painted cork board? Which picture do you like best?!

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Apr 112013

I’m working on finishing up my kitchen organization project and am excited to share it. I’m also excited to finally take some good pictures of our black kitchen. I love it just as much, if not more, as I did when I first painted it. No painters remorse on this one!

A quick note about the new site. On the old blog, there was a subscription option that a lot of you signed up for (to get notified of new posts). I’m working on getting an email subscription set up on this site, because the old subscription doesn’t apply here. You might notice that if you tried to go to the old address, it redirected you here. That’s because I’m all sorts of techy now (kidding) and figured out how to redirect traffic. I’m working on the email subscription thing and when it’s up and running, it’ll be in the right sidebar, and I’ll make a little note about it in a post.  Just wanted to let you know!

Are you on Pinterest? I love Pinterest. It’s full of inspiration And it’s a fun way to share ideas, too. This morning, I thought I’d share a few pins that I really like!


the style files flickr

I really like the idea of using a ladder to hold blanket (or towels) and this charming ladder looks like it could be a possible diy project! I really like this whole bathroom- from the tiles to the rug to the sink to the walls.



A great tutorial for making a really cute tshirt beanie! A simple, quick and inexpensive project. This would even but a sweet gift to give!



I love these cement and metallic votive holders. I’d love to try my hand at making something with cement. Maybe this summer I’ll use this tutorial and make some!



This garden planted in wine crates is beautiful. I’d love to (grass) seed over our garden in the back yard and do something like this. I think it’d be easier for me to manage and would give us a bigger yard for playing!

There are many more that I love, but my laptop is being stubborn this morning. Instead of fighting with it, I’ll give it a break and go finish up the kitchen project so I can share that! Have a happy day!


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Apr 082013


Time to edit some business cards!

After many hours of reading forums, wanting to rip my hair out and being an absent wife, mother and member of society, the new site is up and running! There’s still some tweaking to be done for sure (I haven’t even added analytics yet… still have to figure that one out)… but I have to say, I’m pleased! It’s simple, but simple is good. If you notice something not working right, PLEASE leave a comment or email me at ricedesignblog [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know. Or if you have any suggestions or comments about the new site, I’d love to hear them! My normal project time was taken up by blog design, so I’m excited to get back to my normal diy projects! Come back soon for peak at our kitchen (it’s black and organized!) Have a lovely day! I’m off to not stare a computer screen for the rest of the afternoon!

[A HUGE thank you to our dear family friend, Jeff Butler, for all his help and work in acquiring the domain, setting things up, and making sure everything’s running smoothly. THANK YOU THANK YOU! If anyone’s looking for a videographer, he’s your guy. He filmed our wedding and it’s incredible. He’s seriously talented. And I’m not just saying that because he’s the reason I have a new site!]

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Apr 062013

It seems that maybe, hopefully, spring has finally arrived! Have a great weekend. See you back here on Monday!


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