Aug 152012
diy: (under 5 min, under $5) calendar makeover

Have you gotten your free birthday calendar? The giveaway ends tonight at midnight. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, learn how fix that HERE! You know that DIY project I talked about yesterday? Well, it hasn’t gone as planned and isn’t coming out as I envisioned. So it’s not ready to be published… yet. In [continue…]

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Aug 142012
unexpected thrifting

Here’s a quick post to hold you over until today’s official DIY post is ready… I love magazines. I particularly love Real Simple. And Martha Stewart Living. And Better Home and Gardens. I love trying new recipes that I find in magazines (sometimes they’re good… sometimes, like the goat cheese pasta I made us a [continue…]

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Aug 132012
diy: birthday calendar *free download*

To start the week (a week that will consist of more regular posts, fingers crossed) I want to give each of you a gift! Do you have trouble remembering birthdays and anniversaries? I do! To help me remember, I made a perpetual birthday calendar. It’s good year after year, hangs by my washing machine, and [continue…]

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Jul 232012
in August (and a little diy)...

We’ll be having our first big event in August! August 3rd to be exact- part of our city’s First Friday event. I’ll be sharing more details soon, but in the meantime I wanted one of the things I’ve been working on to prepare for the event! diy business cards There are many sites on the [continue…]

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Jul 172012
diy: giant woven burlap board

My husband’s building a very large climbing wall outside and he had a piece of OSB board left over. A very large piece of OSB (which is kind of like plywood)- 4 feet by 4 feet to be exact. I was thrilled and immediately requested it for a project. I knew I wanted it to [continue…]

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Jul 132012
diy: recover a stool

We do a lot of car playing at our house, which involves lots of sitting on the floor. When I spotted this at a thrift store, I knew it’d be perfect to perch on while playing cars. There was a sticker on the bottom that read, ‘Brass Foot Stool $17.50’. HA! Absolutely no way. It [continue…]

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Jul 122012
diy: wood shim mirror

Happy Thursday, friends! I want to share a quick diy project with you today. I’ve been holding onto this mirror I snatched at Target ages ago. It was $1. It’s a nice square, but I’m not crazy about the frame. I thought about spray painting it, but that never really got me excited. So I [continue…]

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Jul 072012
diy: wall art

I forgot to post yesterday! My sincere apologies. I’m back today with a quick little diy project. You’ve probably seen this before, but here’s my take on it. diy toilet paper wall art What you need: empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls paint of your color and brush (optional) hot glue scissors pins (or [continue…]

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Jul 052012
diy: thrifting

I hope everyone had a fun, safe and cool fourth! We spent the day with family, swimming in the pool, eating delicious food and then walking to fireworks. My sweet two year old, Gabe, was captivated by the fireworks. They’re a fun, festive event, but nothing beats my boy’s sweet head snuggled into my chest [continue…]

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