Jul 122013
weekend roundup

A little roundup to start your weekend…. source Love this studio/workspace. Clean. Bright. Simple. BLT chopped salad with corn, feta and avocado.  I have to make this soon. Yum. DesignSponge I’m really liking this kitchen. Everything about it. source Tea lights and driftwood. A charming combination. And a definite diy project. Can you tell I’m [continue…]

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Jun 072013
round up {outside living}

I’ve been fast and furiously working in our yard lately. Then yesterday, the rain brought my progress to a screeching halt. Ok, that’s dramatic. It just paused my progress (and forced me to catch up on laundry instead of digging in the ground). Oh, laundry. Since it’s still raining today, I thought I’d share a [continue…]

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Apr 182013
round up {RICE}

New friends and old friends… welcome! Here’s a little round up of original RICE projects. If you’re here for the first time, I hope it gives you an idea of what this little blog is about. If you’re an old friend, here’s a trip down memory lane. Enjoy.. and have a happy day!   Starting [continue…]

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Apr 172013
round up {pallets outside}

Ah, spring! Isn’t it lovely? I’ve been browsing some inspiration for our yard and thought I’d share some ideas for using pallets outside. I love pallets. And I love a good diy project. And since it’s spring, I love being outside. So this roundup brings all those things together! Forrage How amazing is this pallet [continue…]

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Apr 122013
round up {painted cork boards}

I’m in the middle of my kitchen organization project. You probably think it’s a major overhaul kind of project, based on the time it’s taking me. It’s not. I just haven’t gotten to dedicate much time working on it. So it might be an anti-clamactic reveal! I have some cork tiles hanging on the wall. [continue…]

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Apr 112013
round up {some of my favorite pins}

I’m working on finishing up my kitchen organization project and am excited to share it. I’m also excited to finally take some good pictures of our black kitchen. I love it just as much, if not more, as I did when I first painted it. No painters remorse on this one! A quick note about [continue…]

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Apr 022013
round up {kitchen organization}

If you like RICE on Facebook (which you definitely should!), you might have seen this picture already…   There’s a little kitchen organization project in the works over here! It’s not quite finished yet, so I thought I’d do a little round up of kitchen organization to get you inspired…   A Beautiful Mess I [continue…]

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Apr 012013
round up {outside}

I’m hopeful that the cold weather is behind us and warm days are in our future! I’m so ready to open the windows and dig in the dirt! I’m going to try my hand at a vegetable garden again. I did one last year. And then I weeded it twice and the morning glories took [continue…]

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Mar 272013
round up {kid's rooms}

I’m so excited to share Gabe’s new big boy room! I have the pictures and post nearly ready, but in the meantime I thought I’d share some fun kid’s room inspiration. I hope to have the post on Gabe’s room up this afternoon. You can check out this post to see his room as a [continue…]

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Mar 172013
can you guess what we did for our Saturday project?

I’m so excited to share our Saturday afternoon project with you, but it’s not quite photo ready yet. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some photos that inspired me. I’ll share more details this coming week, but until then, here’s some inspiration. Can you guess what we did?! source source source source source source [continue…]

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