Nov 292012
roundup: advent calendars

Hello, friends! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Now, let the Christmas decorating and music begin! Growing up, I remember being so excited when I got to open the doors on the advent calendar each day, leading up to Christmas. Our advent calendar was one of those wall hanging kinds, with little doors that [continue…]

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Sep 122012
inspiration: at home

source I love diy decorating ideas, but sometimes diy things look, well, too diy. I’m funny about that. This wall, however, covered in old pages, has a diy flare without being too diy, for my personal taste. Does that makes sense? I kinda like it. And it would be a perfect, temporary solution for renters [continue…]

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Sep 102012
fall fun

Last year, when autumn, Thanksgiving and Christmas snuck up on me, I wished I had spent a little time thinking about how I wanted to decorate and things I wanted to do and make. By the time I thought about an advent calendar, it was already a good week into December! It was then that [continue…]

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Sep 082012
weekend project inspiration

The weekend would be the perfect time to try your hand at a DIY project. I’ve shared some here that I’ve done, but I also want to share some that I’d like to do! DIY Rope Hanging Mirror I love mirrors and I love rope. So of course I love this project. And those walls [continue…]

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Aug 292012
weddings on the brain!

No, not my own wedding. My dear husband and I celebrated our fourth anniversary in June. I love being married to him! The wedding that’s on my brain is that of one of my dearest, closest, bestest (is that a word) friends, Erin. She is, literally, the only person I keep in touch with from [continue…]

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