*Updated 4/24/2013*

If you’re anything like me, you have a project list that rarely shrinks but always grows. It must have been my project yesterday that got me in the mood to do some of my ‘to-do’ projects in the bathroom. They’re nothing big, but they make a pretty big impact! I’m really excited about the project I’ll share tomorrow (I frosted 3 windows for less than $5.. and you can too).

We’re blessed to have 2 full bathrooms. Each has a big, frameless mirror. I really like when bathrooms have beautiful framed mirrors in them. Like so…

Better Homes and Gardens

Ok, this bathroom has a lot more than just beautiful mirrors!

I’d love to do what Young House Love did and build a frame around our builders grade typical big mirror. But I wanted a cheaper and easier fix for the time being. Before I get ahead of myself, here’s a before picture… Kudos to me for remember to take these!

Check out that cute little photo bomb. Kid loves his binoculars. He also loves the whistle that came with his binoculars. I prefer the binoculars.

So there’s the big mirror. I got out my painters tape and taped how wide I wanted the frame. I went right up from the vanity. Did I use a level? Of course not. But my eye balling skills are sharp. Thankfully. Then the paint. It took two coats.

And when I peeled the tape back, I smiled.

Isn’t it pretty?! I also painted the outlet cover white. I will never understand why builders use those beige outlets instead of white. The nightlight cover a lot of it. Maybe one day I’ll get a white outlet cover at the store. But for now, the painted one is fine.

But I’m getting ahead of myself again….

I’m quite fond of the color that’s in the bathroom now. I think it’s called Barley. It’s soothing and neutral while still being a color. And it’s the second color I painted the bathroom. I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked the first color. It was horrible. Really dreadful. It was, however, better (though not by much) than the horrible two toned walls that were in the bathroom when we moved in.

Horrid. I should have had my paint picking privileges revoked after this. (I’ll update tomorrow with pictures from when we moved in. Two walls were a light blue. Two were a dark blue. And it was filthy. Disgustingly filthy. Those pictures are on Tristan’s computer.) *Updated 4/24 with pictures!*

Ew? Ew. Parts of the baseboard were rotten. It was just filthy. Bless my Mom for giving it the initial deep cleaning. (The house is old, but was totally gutted and remodeled in 2005. They kept the beautiful cherry floors but updated basically everything else!)

But look how pretty it is now!

Ah, so much better. Oh, how I wish I had the original before pictures, from when we moved in, to add right now. But I’m too impatient to wait!

So there’s nothing really special about the toilet. But I wanted to take a second to talk about the practical parts of a bathroom. The plunger and the toilet bowl brush. Gross. Nobody likes to look at them. The plunger lives in a pretty flower pot that’s lined with aluminum foil (so I can change it if needed). It keeps it off the floor (because that would be gross) and kind of protected, so the shower curtain can’t rub into it. And the toilet bowl brush. I’m a frugal girl, but it was totally worth the extra several dollars to get one that came in a case. It’s protected so things don’t rub against it, and it just looks so much nicer and cleaner than having it out in the open.

I’m also a fan of art in the bathroom. And if it’s in a glass frame, it’s protected and easy to clean.

Our pretty little frosted window. It makes such a difference light-wise not having the curtain over the window. The frosting also blocks the view outside, which is where we keep our garbage cans. It’s mostly shielded from the road because the fence is there, so only at certain angles can you see in. It is a bit close to the back door, so if someone came to the door and you were a man, standing there, without anything over the window, it might be a bit awkward. It’s really nice to have it fake-frosted. Remember to check back tomorrow to see how I did that. Super easy. Super cheap.

I made a little fabric garland to hang around the window since there’s no curtain. And I used a Pellegrino bottle to hold some pretty things on the windowsill. You might notice that I don’t have my fabric scrap mason jars on the window sill anymore. They have a different home.

I was happy to realize that Gabe’s step stool fits perfectly between the vanity and the toilet. It’s out of the way and he can still climb there to wash his hands.

I made the mason jar holder with pipe clamps to hold some supplies for guests, since this is also the guest bathroom. And we made the towel bar hook. It’s an old piece of wood that my Grandma used when she would frame her paintings (she was an amazing artist). I’d been carrying a couple of them around. I also had that hook. So we used the hook and the piece of wood together to make a hand towel hook.

So, if you ever come stay with us, this will be your bathroom. Kinda cute, wouldn’t you say?! Have a happy day, friends!

Wall Color- Barley (Benjamin Moore) color matched in Behr paint (and when they did the color match, it turned out a little tanner/browner than the real Barley, which I really like)

Step Stool- Ikea (but I found this at a thrift store)

Rug- Ross, cut to my custom size

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