You have probably heard someone telling your friend to use baking soda or/and borax to maintain their pools chemistry or clean their homes. These products have been in use for over 10 decades and they look quite similar.

But is borax the same as baking soda? And which one should use to maintain your swimming pool? Just like robotic pool cleaner reviews will tell you that there is a cleaner for every purpose, these two products also have their unique purposes. 

What is Borax?

Borax is a name used to refer to either hydrated or anhydrous forms of sodium borate. Borax is simply a salt of boric acid. 

This compound is represented using the following chemical formula: Na2B407.10H20. This is because borax is mainly used to refer to the decahydrate form of sodium borate.

The compound comes in a white solid form, has a molar mass of 381.38 g/mol, and easily turns into boric acid. Borax naturally occurs in lakes after evaporation has taken place.

What is Baking Soda?

This is sodium bicarbonate. Baking soda is an inorganic solid material that comes as white crystals.

The compound is represented using the following chemical formula: NaHCO3. It naturally occurs as nahcolite and has a molar mass of 84 g/mol.

Besides, it is a salt that contains bicarbonate anions and sodium cations.

Key Uses of Borax and Baking Soda

As you would use the best above ground pool for the money to serve a different purpose, borax and baking soda also serve multiple purposes. They might be chemically different products but they are all-natural compounds that you can use for cleaning home and swimming pool cleaning purposes.

You can use them to clean and even deodorize your swimming pool as well as your home. However, there are differences that you should be aware off before you use any of these products.

Laundry Purpose

You can use borax and baking soda as laundry detergents. However, borax has some unique properties that make it a better laundry cleaner that baking soda.  

Using borax as laundry detergent will do the following things:

  • Improve stain-fighting: It will lift the stains off your garments and keep dirt suspended in the water.
  • Improve cleaning efficacy: It is a great source of alkalinity that helps to neutralize stains, which mostly occur as acid.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Both borax and baking soda can be used to maintain your swimming pool chemistry. However, they will not have the same effect when you use them as pool products due to their different chemical compositions.

  • Baking Soda: It will raise the pool alkalinity and won’t affect the pH level.
  • Borax: It will stabilize the pool and also raise the pH level.

Summary: Baking Soda vs. Borax

Baking soda and borax are commonly used products of different chemical compounds. Borax is classified as a sodium borate that comes in white solid while baking soda is classified as sodium bicarbonate that comes in white crystals.

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